Department of Music

Principles of Musical Composition: Aspects of Historical Spread
Vilnius, April 2004

Lithuanian Academy of Music
Lithuanian Composers' Union

4th Music Theory Conference
Principles of Musical Composition. Aspects of Historical Spread

April 22-24, 2004
Vilnius, Lithuania

The purpose of the conference is to give new impulses to the development of
musicological thought, which could do service to compositional practice and teaching
process. The three preceding conferences took place in Vilnius (Principles of musical
composition. Theory and practice 1999; Principles of musical composition. Between
ethno and techno 2001; Composing principles. Continuity and innovation in
contemporary music 2002).

Main theme: Principles of musical composition. Aspects of historical spread

Sub themes:

1.  Etymological and evolutional aspects of the concept of compositional principle.

2.  Notions of compositional principles in music theory and history of various epochs
(from the Antiquity to the present day). Systematisation prospects for rising

3.  Historical overview and perspectives of modern compositional principles
(serialism, minimalism, etc.).

4.  Old and new composition: comparative structural aspect.

5.  National schools of composers and musicologists at the turn of the centuries and
generations: conceptions, systems, principles. Vision of the future.

Paper proposals may be submitted electronically or in paper format (pdf) . Electronic
submissions are preferred. The abstract must not exceed 200 words. The duration of
papers will be limited to 30 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for questions and
discussion. Please indicate whether your proposal belongs to one or more of the
conference theme groups.

The deadline for proposal submission is December 15, 2003. The proposals will be
reviewed by members of the organizing committee and all applicants will be notified
of the outcome by the end of January 2004.

The main language of the conference is English.

The material of the conference - papers, summaries, discussions will be published.

We inform that the contemporary music festival "Jauna muzika" is anticipated to be
held on April 15-25, 2004 in Vilnius.

On behalf of the Conference Organizing Commitee
Ph.D.Rimantas Janeliauskas

For more information about the conference write, phone us at the following address:

Lithuanian Composers' Union, Mickeviciaus 29, Vilnius 2600, Lithuania. 
ph. +370 5 2721727, fax. +370 5 2120939
Coordinator of the conference
Ph.D. Antanas Kucinskas ph. +37068759927