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Serious Pleasures
Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Association
Iowa City, April 2004

Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Association Annual

April 1-4, 2004
University of Iowa

From zoos to international exhibitions to the display of human beings;
from pantomime pageants to colonial durbars; from circulating libraries to
penny novels; from clubs devoted to the new art of photography to the
first cinema showings, Serious Pleasures drew audiences across the globe
in the nineteenth century, often to venues where men, and women, people of
varying classes and nations, and imperialists and colonized met.

Topics might include:
Reading Gambling
Magazines Drugs/Alcohol
Libraries Opera
Newspapers Melodrama
Illustration Magic Lantern
Juvenile Fiction Tourism
Penny Dreadfuls Hunting
Detective Fiction Railways
Sensation Fiction Sports
Pornography Fashion
Theatre Shopping
Music Hall Philanthropy
Pantomime Menageries/Zoos
Visual Arts Ethnological Display
Photography Colonial Exhibition
Collecting Pet-keeping
Museums Flirting
Performers Dancing
Freak Shows Waxworks
Panorama Spiritualism
Food Magic Shows
Celebrity Minstrelsy
Gossip Mesmerism
Clubs World Fairs
Salons Durbars

Longer versions of INCS conference papers are regularly published in the
affiliated Nineteenth-Century Contexts: An Interdisciplinary Journal.

Send 200-400 word abstracts by November 1, 2003 to

Notification of acceptance will be mailed electronically in December.
Presenters must be members of INCS, an international group of scholars
dedicated to interdisciplinary discussion and research. Sessions at the
conference are devoted to discussion following 5-7 minute presentations.

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