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Sunrise of the Baroque: First Rothenfels Dance Symposium
Rothenfels, June 2004

1. Rothenfels Tanzsymposion 9 - 13 June 2004 "Sunrise of the Baroque" Dance in the 17th Century Call for Papers
A new initiative in German-speaking countries, this conference seeks to create a forum for the presentation and discussion of Historical Dance for both academics and practitioners. In addition to promoting scholarly dialogue, our main concern is to present cutting-edge research and performance to both dancers and amateurs. The programme will therefore include lectures, workshops, demonstrations, a book- and music-shop, social dance evenings and a ball with live music. In the event of a successful start, the conference will take place every four years to allow a constant support of dance research. We request unpublished contributions regarding any aspect of seventeenth-century dance, from practical themes to sociology and art history. In particular, we welcome contributions on primary sources which have as yet attracted little critical attention, such as the Santucci manuscript, Pasch, Montagut's Instruction pour dancer and others. The papers will be published in the conference proceedings (ed. fagisis, Freiburg). Categories of the contributions (The conference language will be primarily German. We strongly encourage contributions in German, alternatively in English) ·Lectures: Duration: about 30 min, with 10 - 15 min of discussion The lectures may include demonstrations (in this case it is possible to allow more time) Honorary: 150.- Euro ·Workshops: Duration: 90 min. It is possible to combine a workshop with a lecture. Honorary: 150.- Euro ·Short performances Duration: 15 - 30 min. It is possible to combine a performance with a lecture. This category offers a kind of "open stage"; for dance groups, who would like to present their work at the conference. If you submit a proposal in this category, you must include a demonstration on videotape. · Tuition of a social dance evening Duration: 90 - 120 min A programme should include some easy dances in a seventeenth-century style. Each programme will be taught two times in order to allow for smaller groups. On one occasion a music ensemble may accompany the dances, otherwise recorded music will be necessary. The dances will form part of the programme of the final ball. Honorary: 150.- Euro Honoraries and expense allowances: Contributors (except for the participants of the short performances) will be exempt from paying the conference fee. Apart from the abovementioned honoraries, however, no other allowances (e.g. accommodation or travelling expenses) can be granted. Closing date for contributions: Please submit an abstract (maximum: one page, or no more than 600 words, including bibliography or any other appendices) by 1 June 2003 via mail, email or fax to the organisers. A committee of researchers and practitioners will choose the programme and inform the contributors by 1 August 2003. Committee: Veronique Daniels (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Basel, Switzerland) Carol G. Marsh (University of North Carolina, Greensboro, USA) Dr. Barbara Ravelhofer (Centre for History and Economics, Cambridge) Uwe Schlottermüller Markus Lehner For further information please contact: Markus Lehner, Seestr. 36a, D-82211 Herrsching Tel. 0049-(0)8152-5248, Fax. 08152-981509 Email: Uwe Schlottermüller, Schillerstr. 6, D-79102 Freiburg Tel. 0049-(0)761-72990 Email: Organiser: Markus Lehner, Uwe Schlottermüller; Joachim Hake, Burg Rothenfels Conference Venue: For several decades, the castle "Burg Rothenfels" has been a venue which has given substantial support to Historical Dance in Germany. The castle is familiar to many dancers and dance groups. With its oldest parts dating back to the twelfth century, it offers a beautiful setting for the conference. The castle is situated at the river Main between Würzburg and Frankfurt. For questions regarding the conference venue please contact: Joachim Hake, Burg Rothenfels, 97851 Rothenfels Tel. 0049-(0)9393-99994, Fax. 09393-99995 Email: