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Commemoration, Ritual and Performance: a Symposium on Medieval and Early Modern Music
Sydney, July 2004

Commemoration, Ritual and Performance:
A Symposium on Medieval and Early Modern Music

Presented by the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Sydney

Wednesday July 21, 2004
Common Room, John Woolley Building (A20), University of Sydney, NSW 2006

Within the confines of the Western Church it could be argued that all ritual had a
commemorative function, and contained a performative dimension.  This Symposium will
focus on aspects of commemoration, ritual or performance as they relate to the
research of the eight participants.  Each participant will focus on a repertory, a
feast, a place, or a region, and will consider one or more of the following:

- Ways of thinking about ritual and its place in commemoration.
- Performance issues.
- Ritual and commemoration of a feast or saint.
- Transmission of a feast, a commemoration, a ritual.
- Commemoration/ritual and the written record.

Music both sacred and secular from the twelfth to the sixteenth centuries is
addressed in this wide-ranging and exciting view of commemoration. The papers will be
followed by a short concert of music directed by Neil McEwan drawn from the research
of the participants.


Registration: 	9-9.45
Papers: 	9.45-5.00
Concert: 	5.15-6.15

SPEAKERS (in order of appearance)

- Ruth Steiner (Catholic University of America). The Greatest Commemoration of all
  Time: David's Lament for Saul and Jonathan
- Manuel Pedro Ferreira (Universidad de Lisboa). Commemoration and Ritual:  St
  Gerald of Braga.
- Maricarmen Gómez (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona). Commemoration and Ritual: On
  the Origin of the Christmas villancicos.
- Dorothea Baumann (University of Zurich). Structure and Sound: Further Thoughts on
  Performing Practice in the Secular Trecento Repertoire
- Thomas Connolly (University of Pennsylvania). The Road to Compostela: In Search of
  the Art of Theory
- Kathleen Nelson (University of Sydney). Commemorations of the Light: The Exultet in
  the Toledo Chant Tradition
- Grayson Wagstaff (Catholic University of America). Commemorating Christ's 
  Crucifixion: Polyphonic Passions, Devotional Books, and Emotions.
- Jane Morlet Hardie (University of Sydney). Salamanca, Segovia and Sydney:  A
  Newly-Discovered Manuscript of the Lamentations of Jeremiah.


Music drawn from the research of each participant will include music from Josquin des
Prez, Guerrerro, the Codex Columbina, the Lamentations of Jeremiah, the Exultet and
rituals from Braga.
Directed by Neil McEwan


Full Registration
Whole day + Concert	$50.00
Half day only		$25.00
Concert only		$20.00

Students /Concession (Proof of student/Concession required)
Whole day + concert	$25.00
Half day only		$10.00
Concert only		$10.00

Includes morning and afternoon tea. Members of the Centre for Medieval Studies and
Students of the University of Sydney are eligible for free Registration, but morning
and afternoon tea $5.00 each.

Registration forms (complete and returned with payment by June 30) can be obtained

Dr Jane Hardie (Convenor)
Centre for Medieval Studies
John Woolley Building (A20)
University of Sydney. NSW 2006
Ph: 02 9719-8559
Fax: 02 9719-9809

NOTE: While registrations will be accepted on the day, Pre-Registration is needed for
planning purposes.

Dr Jason Stoessel
Membership Secretary and E-News Bulletin Editor
Musicological Society of Australia Inc.
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