Department of Music

German-Anglo Cultural Transfers and Encounters, c.1660-1914
London, July 2004

Conference announcement

"German-Anglo Cultural Transfers and Encounters,
University of Greenwich, London
School of Humanities

19-20 July 2004

Queen Anne Building 075

Everybody welcome! There is no attendance fee. If you
would like to attend please contact Dr. Stefan Manz
( project

Monday, 19 July 2004

9.15-9.25 Welcome

Christiane Eisenberg (Berlin) 
"Cultural Transfer as a Historical Process. Research Questions, Steps of Analysis,
Margrit Schulte Beerbühl (Düsseldorf)
"The Religious Culture of Commerce: German Merchants and the London Churches,

10.45-11.15 Coffee Break


Rudolf Muhs (London) 
"Agents in 'the Commerce of Thought between Germany and England'. German Protestant
Pastors in 18th-century London"

Frank Hatje (Hamburg)
"Revivalists Abroad: Encounters and Transfers between German "Erweckungsbewegung" and
English "Revivalism" in the early Nineteenth Century"

12.35-14.30 Lunch


Ulrike Kirchberger (Bayreuth)
"Germans in British Missionary Societies during the First Half of the Nineteenth

Thomas Weber (Chicago) 
"The Impact of German Jewish Immigrants on British Jewry and Society, c.1848-1914"

15.50-16.15 Coffee Break

Anne Jarvis (Cambridge)
"German Musicians in London, c.1750-1850"

Stefan Manz (Greenwich)
"'Transforming Public Taste': German Musicians in Scotland, 1840s to 1914"

Tuesday, 20 July 2003
Emma Winter (Cambridge) 
"'Now the Classic Country of the Arts': The Reception of German Art in England

John Williams (Greenwich) 
"Poetry and Politics: The Case of Wordsworth in Anglo-German Exchanges in the
Nineteenth Century"

10.35-11.00 Coffee Break

John Davis (Kingston)
"Friedrich Max Müller and the Migration of German Academics to Britain in the
Nineteenth Century"

Matthew Potter (Oxford) 
"From the End of History to the Beginning of Art History: The Legacy of Hegel in
British Academic Esthetics between 1880 and 1900"

12.20-14.30 Lunch

Panikos Panayi (Leicester) 
"The Failure of Anglo-German Cultural Transfer in World War I"

Horst Rößler (Bremen/Bremerhaven) 
"Germans in the British Sugar Industry: Work, Culture and Religion"

15.50-16.30 Coffee Break

Flurin Condrau (Manchester)
"Black Forest and Boer War: Anglo-German National Competition and the Treatment for
Tuberculosis (1850-1914)"

Christiane Swinbank (Reading)
"Medicine, Philanthropy and Religion: Institutional Identity Crises at the German
Hospital in London"