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Music and Musicology at Oxford: A Centenary Symposium for Sir Jack Westrup (1904-1975)
Oxford, July 2004

Music and Musicology at Oxford:
A Centenary Symposium for
Sir Jack Westrup
(1904 - 1975)

24 - 25 July 2004
Denis Arnold Hall, Faculty of Music

The conference celebrates the 100th recurrence of the birthday of Sir Jack Westrup
(b. 26th July 1904). Its aim is to initiate, while many witnesses are still alive, a
scholarly historiography of Westrup's contribution (mainly as Heather Professor of
Music from 1947 to 1971) to musical life at Oxford, to the British musical heritage
and to twentieth-century musicology. The objectives are to hear the testimony of
outstanding beneficiaries of Westrup's teaching, performing and writing, and to
discuss their views on the development of their various fields of musicology and
musical performance in twentieth-century Britain. Invitees include not only Westrup's
own former students but also colleagues from outside Oxford whose experience in these
fields was influenced by him. The evidence collected at the two-day conference will
be published and is intended to open debates on the significance of university music
research in general.

[Conference Organiser: Professor Reinhard Strohm]


Day One: 24 July, 3 - 6 p.m.

3 - 6 p.m.	Research Symposium:
 "The contribution of Jack Allan Westrup to Musicology"
 [CHAIR: Prof Reinhard Strohm, University of Oxford]

 Prof John Caldwell, [University of Oxford]  
  'Jack Westrup and Medieval Song'
 Dr Susan Wollenberg, [University of Oxford]
  'Westrup as pioneer: the local historical scene'
 Emeritus Prof Julian Rushton, [University of Leeds] 
  'Academic musician or musical academic? Westrup then and now'
 Prof Robert Pascall, [University of Wales, Bangor]
  'Westrup as analyst: his thought and teaching'
 Mr Peter Ward Jones, [Music Librarian, the Bodleian Library]

Day Two: 25 July

10.30 a.m. 	Musical Presentation

11.00 a.m. 	Keynote Address:
 Emeritus Professor Peter Branscombe, [St Andrews University]
  'Westrup and Opera'
12 noon 	Round Table:
 'Academic Music-making and the practice of Early Music'
 Participants to include Westrup students and present Faculty of Music members with
 general discussion. Followed by lunch for speakers. 


For two days (24 & 25 July): 		15.00/ Concessions 5.00
For one day (either 24 or 25 July): 	10.00/ Concessions 3.00

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