Department of Music

"Overseas Blues": European Perspectives on African American Music
Gloucester, UK, July 2004

The School of Humanities, 
University of Gloucestershire

Present a Conference


To be held at the University of Gloucestershire,
Oxstalls Campus, Gloucester

23rd-26th July 2004

The conference will focus on the spread and influence of Black music, particularly
but not exclusively the Blues, from the Americas to Europe.  It will also consider
the response of the European audience. Speakers include Paul Oliver, Guido van Rijn,
Rainer Lotz, Bob Groom, Robert Tilling and Jen Wilson and they will consider the
significance of Europe as a base or location for black performers and recording
artists, the influence of black music on European popular music and culture.

Live music by KingB and Errol Lynton's Blues Vibe.

Gloucestershire Blues Festival 26th July - 1st August

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