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(Re)Creating Arthur
Winchester, August 2004

(Re)Creating Arthur

An interdisciplinary international conference

Hosted by King Alfred's College, Winchester, in collaboration with the
International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds and Studies in

August 2004

Call for Papers

The figure of King Arthur is one that permeates British culture throughout
the Middle Ages, into the Renaissance and beyond, towards the twenty-first
century. Arthur inspires a variety of responses from a multitude of
different authors and artists, becoming an individual who is, from his
earliest iterations within medieval culture, created and recreated to
serve differing agendas and cultural manifestos. In this respect he is the
first character to be drawn within a medievalist response - even within
the Middle Ages themselves.

This conference seeks to exploit these features of the representation of
King Arthur, inviting submissions from colleagues working in any
discipline and within any historical period, from the early Latin and
Welsh annals to Star Wars and beyond. Possible areas of interest might be:

*        Arthur and national identity
*        The development of Arthurian narrative
*        'High' and 'Low' cultural responses to Arthur
*        Arthur and the Renaissance
*        Victorian imperialist responses to Arthur
*        Arthur and warfare
*        Arthur on film
*        Arthurian fantasy and science fiction

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list and other proposals are welcomed.

Abstracts of 200-250 words are invited and should be submitted to the
programming committee by August 1st 2003. Successful abstracts will be
published on the conference website during September 2003 and will form
the basis of a discussion forum that will precede the conference, which
will take place in August 2004. It is expected that, in addition to
publication of papers on the web site in advance of the conference, a
volume of selected papers will be published during 2005.

Please send all abstracts to:

Dr Phil Cardew
School of Cultural Studies
King Alfred's College
Winchester, SO22 4NR, UK.


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