Department of Music

Music in the Early Years: Communication, Cognition and the Development of the Self
Newcastle upon Tyne, September 2004

Music in the Early Years:
Communication, Cognition and the Development of the Self This one-day conference on Friday September 10th 2004 will bring together researchers and practitioners in psychology and education whose work is concerned with issues relating to the musical experience and musical abilities in the early years and their relationship to individual cognitive development and socio-emotional adjustment. The aim of the day is to facilitate the sharing of research and practices in this area and to provide an opportunity for professional development for a wide range of professionals who work with young children and their carers. Keynote speeches and seminar presentations will relate to topics such as early musical development, maternal singing, music and mother-child communication, the relationships between musical experience and cognitive, social and communicative development and music therapy. Workshops will demonstrate the ways in which musicians, early years teachers and artists work with early years workers, parents, carers and children to achieve development in these areas. There will be a choice between attendance at research presentations and attendance at workshops. Further details at: Marion Farmer Senior Lecturer in Psychology Consultant Educational Psychologist University of Northumbria Dept. of Psychology Northumberland Building Newcastle on Tyne NE1 8ST UK Tel: 00 44 (0)191 2274428 Fax: 00 44 (0)191 2273190 Mobile: 07780 993393 email: Back to Index of Conferences
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