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Culture and Society in the Age of Globalization
10th International Culture and Power Conference, Iberian Association for Cultural Studies
Burgos, October 2004

First Announcement and Call for Papers


10th International Culture and Power Conference
of the Iberian Association for Cultural Studies

7TH, 8TH, 9TH October 2004

To be held in Burgos (Spain)
Conference venue: Teatro Principal

Confirmed keynote speakers: Charlotte Brunsdon and David Morley

The English Department, Humanities Faculty, University of Burgos will host a
three-day conference organised by the Iberian Association for Cultural Studies around
the theme Culture and Society in the Age of Globalisation.

The aim of this conference is to bring together specialists and researchers from
different nations and fields of study in an effort to develop a truly international
and trans-disciplinary understanding of the multiple ways in which globalising
processes are impacting our world, lives and identities. The conference organisers
therefore welcome papers in all areas of learning and are open to a variety of
theoretical and methodological approaches; preferred, however, are presentations
which focus on the following areas:

Globalisation and culture:
cultural-theoretical perspectives on the globalisation of culture; intercultural
communication; high and low culture; environmental politics and public policy;
endangered species; social plights; culture and work; culture and business;
globalisation and the world economy; transnational corporations; international
crime ...

Globalisation, language and education:
language and cultural studies;  multi-lingual communities; English as a second
language; English as a local and global language; immigrant and multicultural
education; pedagogy; educational policies; higher education and cultural
competence ...

Globalisation and the media:
the role of the media (broadly understood to include all forms of telecommunications,
the Internet and computers, print and televisual journalism, and all forms of visual
media) in the era of globalisation ...

Globalisation, democracy and citizenship:
the nation state, the nation and transnational capital; nationalisms and global
disorder; global governance and citizenship; cultural regionalism vs. globalisation;
the global and the glocal; multicultural citizenship; Americanisation;
Europeanisation and Euroscepticism ...

Globalisation and identity:
cultural and societal agents of change; class and gender; flexible capitalism and
unions; labour and globalisation; difference and diversity in the workplace; social
integration and exclusion; alterity and hybridity; immigration processes, race
relations, minorities and identity formation ...

Contributors are welcome to submit abstracts that address these, or other questions
related to the theme Culture and society in the age of globalisation.
Proposals for full panels (2-hour, 5-paper panels) are also welcome.
Early submission is encouraged.
Proposals will be refereed and selected by a panel appointed by IBACS (Iberian
Association for Cultural Studies).

Contributor Guidelines:
1. Abstract of paper (150 words)
2. Full panel proposal (300 words)
3. Brief resume/bio for each author/coauthor of the paper and panel organiser
4. Submission by material mail or e-mail (e-mail with MS Word attachment 
   preferred; reference line: Burgos 2004)
5. Submission deadlines: panel proposals - March 31, 2004; paper proposals -
   15th June 2004

Material mail:
Elena Oliete
Ana Matamala
Olga Seco
Chantal Cornut-Gentille

Departamento de Filología inglesa
Facultad de Filosofía y letras
De la Universidad de Zaragoza
Ciudad Universitaria
50009 Zaragoza

Elena Oliete:
Ana Matamala:
Olga Seco:
Chantal Cornut-Gentille:


Three ways to register:
1) Bank transfer: to Viajes Indra. S.L. account nº: CAJA CIRCULO 2017 _ 0073
_   19- 300000344-7.  Then fax or mail  payment voucher (together with name, full
address, e-mail address and title of paper) to:
Ana García
Viajes Indra
Calle Vitoria, nº 37 trasera
09004 Burgos
FAX: +34 947202200

2) Cheque or postal order: mail (together with name, full address, e-mail address and
title of paper) to:
Ana García
Viajes Indra
Calle Vitoria, nº 37 trasera
09004 Burgos

3) Credit Card: Call Viajes Indra (Spain) +34 947 202244 and use your MasterCard,
Visa, or American Express. Then fax credit card payment (together with name, full
address, e-mail address and title of paper) to:
FAX: +34 947202200

For all inquiries:

Conference Registration fees:

Members of IBACS: EUR 130
Early bird fee (payment by July 15): EUR 110
IBACS students: EUR 90
Early bird fee (payment by July 15): EUR 85
Standard fee: EUR 150
Early bird fee (payment by July 15): EUR 130
Student fee: (session attendance only): EUR 35

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