Department of Music

Improvisation in Musical Performance
Royal Musical Association Study Day
London, October 2004

Royal Musical Association Study Day

Improvisation in Musical Performance

Saturday 23 October 2004
with a concert on Friday evening 22 October

Venue: SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London.

The study day is sponsored by the AHRB Research Centre in Cross-Cultural
Music and Dance Performance at SOAS in collaboration with the Royal
Musical Association.

9.00	Registration, tea and coffee (Introduction at 9.20)

Morning Session: 9.30 ??? 1.00  
1)     	Dominic Lash: "Understanding the Thought Processes of Free Improvisation"
2)     	Laudan Nooshin: "The Composition/Improvisation Debate: Power,
		Difference and Ideology in Musicological Discourse"
3)	Jeremy Chapman: "A Performer's Perspective on Freedom and Accuracy in
4)	Nicolas Magriel: "The Sarangi: Learning to Improvise"
5)     	Mohammad Azadehfar: "Rhythmic Creativity and Patternizing in

LUNCH 1.00 - 2.15

Afternoon Session: 2.15 - 5.00pm
1)	S. T. Chase: "Stuff and Nonsense, or Material, Mistakes and Meaning in
		Collaborative Improvisation"
2)	Robert Sholl: "Making the Invisible Visible:  The Culture, Theology and
		Realisation of Olivier Messiaen's Improvisations"
3)	Cesar Villavicencio: "Improvisation, Gesture and Rhetoric"
4)	Kathy Dyson: "Learning Processes in Improvisation"
5)	David Graham: (To be announced)
6)	Aaron Williamon: "Memory and Improvisation"

Please send 10 registration fee (5 for RMA and SOAS members) by 8/10/04
to: Susan Bagust, RMA Student Liaison Officer, Wold Farm Cottage, Bishop
Wilton, York YO42 1SX, UK

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