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Royal Musical Association, 40th Annual Conference
Birmingham, November 2004

 Royal Musical Association

40th Annual Conference

Birmingham, 12-14 November 2004

The 40th Annual Conference of the Royal Musical Association takes place in
Birmingham. Detailed information, including travel information and booking form, is

Discount if registering before Oct 15.


Friday 12 November: Austro-German Traditions

13.00	Lunch

14.15	Jen-yen Chen (Occidental College, Los Angeles)
  Musical Life in Late 18th-Century Vienna and Habermas's Conception of the Public 
14.45	Cameron Gardner (Cardiff)
  Displacing the Heroic: The First Movement of Schubert's D-major Piano Sonata, D.850
15.15	Roe-Min Kok (McGill University, Montreal)
  The Music of Child-Death, or Robert Schumann's Lullaby

15.45	Tea

16.15	Laura Tunbridge (Manchester)
  Genoveva's Dream
16.45	Nicole Grimes (Trinity College, Dublin)
  Vom Musikalisch-Schönen und Reinen: Hanslick's Reception of Hiller and Brahms
17.15	David Larkin (Cambridge)
  Seeking One's Salvation in Drama: The Operatic Qualities of Tod und Verklärung

18.30	Dinner

19.45	James Robert Currie (State University of New York, Buffalo)
  Regulative Critical Principle or Empirical Reality? Schoenberg's Atonal Music and
  its Object of Desire
20.15	Alastair Williams (Keele)
  Voices of the Other: Wolfgang Rihm's Music Drama Die Eroberung von Mexico
20.45	Aine Sheil (Royal Opera House, London)
  Was Musicology right to ignore the 'Sonderweg' Debate?

Saturday 13 November: Parallel sessions

18th-Century Song			Analytical Perspectives

9.15	Tim Crawford (City University)	Ed Venn (Lancaster)
  Lute Chorales from Leipzig:		  Proliferations and Limitations:
  Louise Gottsched's Lute Book		  Berio's Reworking of the Sequenzas
9.45	Stephen Rose (Cambridge)	Fernando Martin-Pastor (U. of California Davis)
  Private Music and the			  Boulez's Dérive (1984): The Beginning of
  Subjectivities of Mortality		  a Neoclassicism in Contemporary Music?
10.15	Kevin Stannard (Wolverhampton)	Helena Santana (Aveiro)
  Pixell, the Plagiarising Priest?	  Space and Timbre - Timbre and Space:
					  Terretêktorh of Iannis Xenakis 

10.45					      Coffee

Aspects of Handel			Aspects of Performance
11.15	Suzana Ograjensek (Cambridge)	Ju-Lee Hong (Goldsmiths, London)
  Handel's and Rolli's Riccardo		  Casals' Bach: Musical Expression and	
  Primo (1727) and Changing		  Interpretation
11.45	David Hunter (Austin)		Lucy Walker (King's, London)
  Who Heard Handel?			  Man or Violin? 
  A Preliminary Report
12.15	Berta Joncus (Oxford)		Clemens Gresser (Southampton)
  Eating Pigeon-Pye: Handel and the 	  The Text Scores of John Cage and Christian
  'Sweet Bird' of Drury Lane		  Wolff: Possibilities for Collaborative
					  Processes in Performance

13.00					     Lunch

Music and Ideas in France, I	Miscellany

14.15	Ricardo Barros (Hull)		Charles Wiffen (RCM, London)
  Considerations regarding the 		  Composing at the Coal Face: Music's Role in
  Application of Oratory, Rhetoric	  the Erosion of Social Idealism in the 
  and the Theory of the Passions in	  Documentary Films of the GPO Film Unit
  17th-Century Dance and Music
14.45	Guy Dammann (King's, London)	Crispin Caunter (London Metropolitan Univ.)
  Rousseau's Contribution to Music	  New Music Notation for the Multi-Layered
  Theory: A Philosophy of Music?	  Sound of the Didjeridu
15.15	Michael Fend (King's, London)	John Snelson (Royal Opera House, London)
  Energy and Absorption in Late		  Whose Tune is it anyway? Musical Mutations 
  18th-Century Parisian Opera		  and Motifs in the Shows of Andrew Lloyd

15.45					        Tea

Music and Ideas in France, II		Chronology and Genre

16.15	Oliver Vogel (Berlin)		David Kidger (Oakland University)
  The Pedagogical Ambitions of		  Establishing a Chronology for 
  Jean-François Lesueur in the 		  Adrian Willaert's Masses
  Decade of Hector Berlioz's
  Apprenticeship at the Conservatoire
  national de musique
16.45	Jacqueline Waeber (Trinity	Michael Gale (City University)
Coll., Dublin)  			  What's in a 'Battle'?: Identifying
  The Consumption of Jean-Jacques	  a Popular Renaissance Genre
  Rousseau's Musical Thought, or 	
  Two Centuries of Misunderstanding

17.30				Annual General Meeting

18.00			Lecture by John Butt (Dent medallist)
  Are Bach's Passions Musical Works?

19.00	Reception					19.45	Conference Dinner

Sunday 14 November: Musical Notations and their Meaning

9.15	Christian Thomas Leitmeir (Warburg Institute, London)
  Alternative Embodiments of Medieval Music Now and Then: Rudolf von Ficker's
  Sederunt principes Reconsidered
9.45	Thomas Irvine (Cornell University/Universität Würzburg)
  Negotiating the Aesthetics of Nuance: Mozart's K.364 and the Challenge of Notation
10.15	Wiebke Thormählen (Cornell University)
  Notational Progress-Performative Regress: Early 19th-Century Chamber Music and the
  Miniature Score

11.00	Coffee 

11.30	Nicholas Mathew (Oxford)
  Musical Modernism and the Disappearing Performer, or What Historically Informed
  Performance can learn from Serialism
12.00	Cintia Cristiá (Paris IV, Sorbonne)
  Drawing Music, Hearing Painting: Xul Solar reinvents Musical Notation

13.00	Lunch

15.00	Concert: Bach's 'Goldberg' Variations, performed by Micaela Schmitz

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