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UK Songwriting Festival - Education Day
Bath, November 2004

UK Songwriting Festival - Education Day
Bath Spa University College

Thursday 11 November 2004

In Higher Education, songwriting has been under-represented - even in
vocational Popular Music curricula - in a way that is seemingly
disproportionate to its cultural and economic significance in the music
industry and in society. The majority of students studying music at HE
level have been in some way involved in creating original music; and yet
many of our programmes focus variously on performance, technology,
industrial context, critical analysis or societal issues, giving limited
academic credit for original songs, which in many ways serve as the
currency of popular music.
Participants will be able to discuss and share good practice in this area,
with a view to strengthening the bridge between students' compositions and
HE curriculum content. There will be an opportunity to meet students,
professional songwriters and HE colleagues, and compare the relative
perspectives of all three interested parties. Case studies (from popular
mainstream, student output and niche markets) will be analysed and
discussed with a view to developing shared tools of critical awareness.

Delegates attending the UK Songwriting Festival Education Day 11 November
may also attend the Industry Day on 12 November free of charge (subject to

You are invited to attend this free-of-charge workshop.
You can book by e-mailing Barbara Hargreaves at:  or telephoning 01524 592614.

Full Details
UK Songwriting Festival - Education Day
Bath Spa University College

Thursday 11 November 2004


9.30am 		Arrival and registration - Michael Tippett Centre

10.00am 	Welcome and introduction (Joe Bennett, conference organiser)

10.15am 	Paper 1 - Principles for songwriting practice in Higher
		Prof Allan Moore - head of Music & Sound Recording,
			University of Surrey

		This paper will address some principles for songwriting
		practice in Higher Education from the perspective of a
		pre-1992 university music department. It will argue for
		the specificity of songwriting as an academic discipline
		distinct from composition, and for some assessment
		imperatives which follow. These concern the assessment of
		the work not the student, the distinction between academic
		and commercial concerns with 'originality', and the
		specificity of the idiolect. It will also address the
		teaching of creativity and the role of critical reflection.

11.00am 	Acoustic set - guest artists

11.30am Coffee

11.45am 	Paper 2 - the Craft of Songwriting - Teaching Strategies
		Joe Bennett - Course Director of Commercial Music, Bath
			Spa University College

		This paper will discuss the challenges of teaching 'craft'
		to undergraduate music students, with an emphasis on
		practical workshop-based musicological and lyric-writing
		activities that can inform teaching content. The potential
		conflict between commercial reality, academic rigour and
		personal creative development will be explored with
		reference to student songs and taught modules.

12.45pm lunch

1.30pm 		Acoustic set - guest artists

2.00pm 		Paper 3 - Song cycles and an alternative to mainstream
		Helen Reddington - University of Westminster

		This paper will discuss assignments and modules which
		require students to write a song-cycle, developing skills
		and material that may suit a community music environment.
		Despite its initial unpopularity with some students, this
		approach can lead to the development of a unique 'writing
		voice', which students can then go on to develop as the
		course progresses. Having to articulate their emotional
		reactions to an external stimulus allows them to use
		lyrics in a more imaginative way than they would
		otherwise, and many of them find it easy to adapt these
		songs for 'non-University' use. This method of working
		also exposes students to the possibilities of developing
		songs in a community music setting; for some this gives an
		additional creative boost to their own personal work.

2.40pm 		Acoustic set - guest artists

3.10pm 		Workshop - the student perspective
		Songwriting students discuss with teaching staff their
		creative processes, with musical examples throughout.

7.30pm 		Songwriters' Night at the MTC
		Bath Spa songwriters past and present perform their own
		original work in Bath Spa's Michael Tippett Centre.

UK Songwriting Festival - Music Industry day
Michael Tippett Centre, Bath Spa University College

12th November 2004

Delegates attending the Education Day 11 November may also attend the
Industry Day on 12 November free of charge (subject to availability).


Industry speakers:

* Ray Davies (The Kinks)
* Andrew West (professional songwriter/Warner Bros Nashville)
* Dominic King (professional songwriter/BBC Sold on Song)
* Malcolm Buckland and Nigel Beaham Powell (PRS)
* David Ferguson (British Academy of Composers & Songwriters)
Further details of the Industry Day and Songwriters Workshops are
available from:

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