Department of Music

Performativity: A Paradigm for the Studies of Art and Culture
Copenhagen, November/December 2004



A 4-day symposium
November 30 - December 3, 2004 
Arranged by:
The Copenhagen Doctoral School in
Cultural Studies, Literature, and the Arts

During the last decades we have witnessed a shift within the humanities from
considering texts and artefacts as paradigmatic manifestations of culture toward the
recognition of the central importance of the performative. This transition from a
textual to a performative paradigm invites renewed investigations of the dynamic and
processual aspects of culture and reveals new perspectives for cultural studies and
studies of the arts by highlighting and comparing diverse forms of performative
practices within these fields.

Contemporary theories of performativity merge impulses from philosophy of language
and linguistics, from anthropology, psychology, and from art studies - most
prominently from theatre studies. Thus, the concept of performativity implies a
strong interdisciplinary impetus, reshaping our fields of study, challenging
traditional disciplinary boundaries, and opening new ways of approach to new as well
as old subject matters.

The main aims of the symposium are:

-	to present and discuss current theories of performativity and thus further
	the interdisciplinary theoretical development in the field

-	to investigate the interaction of the theoretical discourse of performativity
	with relevant current artistic manifestations (performance art and others)

-	to try out the possibilities of a performative approach to historically more
	distant subject matters. 

We strongly emphasize the interdisciplinary character of the symposium and welcome
researchers and PhD students from the whole range of cultural studies, from
literature and art studies including architecture and design, as well as from
anthropology and from psychological, linguistic and philosophical disciplines working
with theoretical aspects of performativity.

Keynote speakers:

Tuesday: Prof. Erika Fischer-Lichte (Theater Studies), Berlin
Wednesday: Prof. Nicholas Cook, (Musicology), London
Thursday: Prof. Helga de la Motte-Haber (Musicology), Berlin
Friday: Prof. Kirsten Hastrup, (Anthropology), Copenhagen

Invited lecturers and shorter presentations:
The program includes shorter presentations (see below) and a number of presentations
by invited lecturers, among these a group of researchers from the German research
programme 'Kulturen des Performativen'.

Working language
The symposiums working language is English.

Registration and proposal for papers:
The symposium is open for PhD-students and researchers. Please register with Lise
Munch no later than October 3, 2004.

Doctoral students and researchers are invited to present 20-minute papers in all
fields related to the general theme. A short proposal of the paper to be presented
must be submitted to Lise Munch no later than October 3, 2004.

Confirmation with an exact programme will be sent to the participants after the
submission deadline.

There is no fee for participating.  But please note that we cannot offer financial or
practical support for travel and accommodation. We will, however, be happy to provide
letters of support for those applying for travel funds from their own institutions.

University of Copenhagen, the Faculty of Humanities, Njalsgade 80, 2300 Copenhagen
S. The university is situated near the town centre.

Berliner Luft - between performance and lecture:
Integrated in the program of the symposium are two 'performance-lectures' with
artists from Berlin's performance-scene arranged in cooperation with Kanonhallen and
The Goethe Institute in Copenhagen.  
·	A dinner-conversation about immigration and integration policy with the
	Belgrade born Tanja Ostojic. An autobiographic and extended example of
	Tuesday 30th November, 17.00. Stærekassen, The Royal Theatre. Kgs. Nytorv DK
	1055 Copenhagen K.

·	'Enzyklopädie der Performancekunst' with Wagner-Feigl-Forschung. A 
	performance lecture on the history of performance. Thursday 2nd December at
	18.00. Kanonhallen, Øster Fælled Torv 37, DK 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Academic head: 
Søren Møller Sørensen, associate professor, Department of Musicology, University of
Copenhagen (

Lise Munch, Department of Musicology, University of Copenhagen, Klerkegade 2, DK-1308
Kbh. K, (
Kirsten Zeuthen, The Copenhagen Doctoral School in Cultural Studies, Literature, and
the Arts (

Abstracts and updated program are available on the web-site:

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