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Music and Conflict, Columbia Music Scholarship Conference
New York, January 2005

The 2005 Columbia Music Scholarship Conference will take place on January
28-29, 2005 at Columbia University.  The theme for this year's conference
is Music and Conflict.  All events are free and open to the public,
although advance registration is required.  To register, e-mail For additional information, please visit our website:  The complete conference program appears below.

2005 Columbia Music Scholarship Conference Program
(All Events Will Take Place in 301 Philosophy Hall)

Friday, January 28, 2005

Concert with Counter)Induction Ensemble (8:00 PM)

Down the Stairway the Ghost She Does Not Want Me to See Flees
James E. Hodman (University of Minnesota)
Nurit Jugend (Stanford University)
Two Movements
Juraj Kojs (University of Virginia)
After Frottage
Alexandre Lunsqui (Columbia University)
Psalm Fragments
Richard Pressley (University of Minnesota)
Johan Tallgren (Columbia University)


Saturday, January 29, 2005

Session I: Music as Cultural Identity: Diaspora, Race, and Nation
(9:00-10:30 AM)

Interpreting Blue Lake: Music Videos and Meaning in the Tibetan Diaspora
Anna Stirr (Columbia University)
The Residents' "Theory of Obscurity" and Narratives of Race and Identity
in American Popular Music
Evan Rapport (The Graduate Center, City University of New York)
Sounding Alternate Histories: Music, Nationalism, and the Ethnic Conflict in
Sri Lanka
Jim Sykes (University of Chicago)

Break (10:30-11:00 AM)

Session II: Formal Ambiguities, Violent Behaviors (11:00 AM-12:00 Noon)

Continuous Exposition vs. Two-Part Exposition: Formal Conflicts in the First
Movement of Mozart's Piano Concerto in F Major, K. 459
Eva Sze (The Graduate Center, City University of New York)
Rape, Ultra-violence, and Beethoven: Classical Music and Violence in A
Clockwork Orange
Christine Lee Gengaro (University of Southern California)

Lunch (12:00 Noon-1:00 PM)

Keynote Address (1:00-2:00 PM)
Anna Maria Ochoa (Columbia University)

Break (2:00-2:30 PM)

Session III: Transgressive Voices: Women in Patriarchal Societies
(2:30-3:30 PM)

Wagner's Women and Conservative Discourse: Redefined Gender Expectations in
Nazi Germany
Anna Rutledge (University of Toronto)
With a Voice like Thunder: Functions of Female Lamentation in Corsica
Ruth Emily Rosenberg (University of Pennsylvania)

Break (3:30-4:00 PM)

Session IV: Appropriation, Resistance, and Worship in the Cold War Era
(4:00-5:30 PM)

From Ethiopia to the Andrews Sisters: Calypso, Appropriation, and World
War II
Christopher L. Ballengee (Bowling Green State University)
Burning the Flag: Appropriation, Deconstruction, and Mockery as Sonic
Resistance to the War in Vietnam
Timothy P. Kinsella (University of Washington)
"Lenin in Swaddling Clothes:" A Critique of the Ideological Conflict between
Socialist State Policy and Christian Music in Romania during the Cold War
Sabina Pauta Pieslak (University of Michigan)

Reception (5:30 PM)

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