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Accounting for Performance
Society for Music Analysis Winter Study Day
Manchester, February 2005

Society for Music Analysis Winter Study Day

'Accounting for Performance'
Keynote speaker: Dr Peter Johnson (Birmingham Conservatoire)

Royal Northern College of Music
Saturday 5 February 2005, 10.00am - 4.30pm

Of all artistic phenomena, musical performance has probably the most
complex and controversial relation with its own description. Many
questions can be asked about how this relation is articulated and phrased:

What is an account of performance? What can empirical study say about
performance? What do music-theoretical approaches offer? How can accounts
of performance make use of journalistic and autobiographical writing by
critics and performers? What overlaps and commonalities exist between
these (and other) ways of accounting for performance? Can firm lines be
drawn between them?

What social, political, and/or cultural work is achieved, or intended, by
accounts of performance? What is their wider function in the economy of
music? How do accounts of performance construct performance? What is the
use/value of accounting for performance? Should performance be
accountable? What can't accounts of performance provide? Why should we
distinguish between performance, performing, performativity and
performers? What impact do accounts of performance have upon performers?
Are all accounts of performance directed at the same type of person? In
all these questions, should 'performance' be rephrased as 'performances'?

Local organising committee: Dr Nick Baragwanath, Dr Anthony Gritten, Prof Douglas

The provisional programme is available on the SMA and RNCM websites, as

And below:

9.30am Registration

10.00 Vicky Ward (Leeds University), "Accounting for Student Performance"

10.30 Jonathan Tyack (Royal Holloway), "Accountable Performance: Audiences
Surveyed at Performances of Handel's Messiah"

11.00 Coffee

11.15 Danae Stefanou (Royal Holloway), "Accounting for Losses: Some
Observations on the Elusiveness of Performativity in Analytical Discourse"

11.45 Iain Foreman (SOAS), "Musical Performance as Symbolic Mediation"

12.15pm Keynote address: Peter Johnson (Birmingham Conservatoire), [title

1.15 Lunch

2.30 Daniel Leech-Wilkinson (Kings College London), "Vocal Communication
in Speech and Music"

3.00 Renée Timmers (Kings College London), "An Empirical Study of Musical
Communication through Ornamentation"

3.30 Luke Windsor (Leeds University), "Structure and Expression: Staying
Serious about Statistics in Music Performance Research"

4.00 Tea

4.15 Uri Golomb (Cambridge University), "Performance in Theory and in
Practice: Helmuth Rilling's Interpretations of Bach's B minor Mass"

4.45 Harai Golomb (Tel-Aviv University), "Accounting for (Mis-)
Interpretation: Translational, Theatrical and Televised Perspectives on
Scenes from Mozart's Operas"

5.15 Close

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