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Seventh Conference, Dutch Society for Music Theory
Tilburg, February 2005

7th Conference of the Dutch Society for Music Theory

Call for Papers

The 7th Conference of the Dutch Society for Music Theory will take place
on February 25th and 26th, 2005 in the Fontys Conservatorium in Tilburg
(The Netherlands). The conference program will consist of four parts,
three of which are dedicated to a specific theme:

1. Music Theory Education in Flux

Music Theory Education at conservatoires, colleges and universities exists
mainly to pass on knowledge, values, and skills. But what exactly are the
purposes of this concept? And how do traditional assignments (analytical
papers, sight-reading, part-writing, and ear-training exercises) relate to
these purposes? What chances and values would new, innovative formats have
to offer?

2. Historical vs. Systematical Music Theory

Every one of us is conscious that musical styles, genres and techniques
relate to certain conventions in the field of performance, perception, and
notation. And we all know that these conventions have their own cultural
backgrounds. Music Theory will always be in search of some form of system
as a matter of course, binding together elements that are historically
separate. However, can all theoretical subjects really be taught
systematically, or should some of them actually divide into more
specialized historical subjects?

3. "Tonal oder atonal?"

After the premature declaration of its death, tonality enjoys a revival of
respectability in contemporary music. "Atonal" music, on the other hand,
has had to deal with a vast amount of criticism, part of which is based on
perceptual grounds. What does this mean for our appreciation of this
music, and how should "tonality" be defined in view of this revival?

4. Free Session

All sessions are open to proposals for papers. The maximum amount of time
per paper has been set to 20 minutes. A maximum of 15 minutes will be
reserved for discussion. Your proposal should consist of an abstract of
not more than 400 words. The deadline for application is December 15,
2004. Please send your proposal to the office of the Dutch Society for
Music theory to:

Bert Mooiman,
Chairman of the Conference Committee
Dutch Society for Music Theory

The society's website is available at:

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