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Arnold Schoenberg Reconsidered
Tempe, AZ, March 2005

"Arnold Schoenberg Reconsidered" 20-23 March 2005, ASU, Tempe

This conference will offer a combination of exhibit, symposium, concerts
and fillms:

MULTI-MEDIA EXHIBITION "Arnold Schönberg" (1874-1951)
-- U.S. premiere
-- 12 Teatrini displaying reproductions of manuscripts, photos, paintings,
   programs, letters, games, inventions
-- Multilingual Audio guides (including historical music & voice
-- Video monitors presenting documentary videos
-- Interactive touch-screen computer stations

SYMPOSIOUM: New Directions in Schoenberg Scholarship (21-22 March)
Featured speakers include Joseph Auner, Esther da Costa Meyer, Walter
Frisch, Ethan Haimo, Elizabeth Keathley, Therese Muxeneder, Severine
Neff, and Lawrence Schoenberg

CONCERTS (20-22 March)
-- With guest artists (Susan Narucki and The Orion Quartet) & ASU faculty

FILMS (21-22 March)
-- Five Orchestral Pieces
-- Arnold Schoenberg. My War Years
-- The Visions of Adrian Marthaler

For conference schedule go to:

Sabine Feisst (Conference Coordinator) +1-480 965 3114
Baruch Meir (Artistic Director) +1-480 965 3386

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