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Calypso and the Caribbean Literary Imagination
Miami, FL, March 2005

Caribbean Literary Studies at the University of Miami
& The Historical Museum of Southern Florida

Calypso and the Caribbean Literary Imagination

March 17th - 19th, 2005, in Miami, Florida


Calypso music embeds Caribbean cultural commentary in a blend of musical sounds --
beats that reverberate with the music's transatlantic links. "Calypso and the
Caribbean Literary Imagination" invites submissions that explore the nexus between
Caribbean literature and calypso music and considers the various forms of literary
instrumentation that utilize elements of calypso music. While the conference's theme
is anchored in Caribbean literature, we welcome papers that stretch the limits of
this theme and consider calypso's cultural connotations and the ways in which this
music illuminates aspects of Caribbean culture, including the aesthetic, economic and
political dimensions of the transmission of music across cultural boundaries.
Additionally, scholars are invited to investigate how artistic traditions and
cultural identities are affected by imperial systems, migration, independence
movements, mass media, commercial markets and tourism. Possible topics for
consideration include the following:

-- Images and Representations of Calypso in Caribbean Literature
-- The Writing and Publishing of Calypsos
-- Indo-Caribbean Culture and Calypso Music
-- The Intersection of Dancehall and Calypso
-- The Impact of "Foreign" Recording Industries on Calypso
-- The International History of Calypso
-- Calypso Performers and the Delivery of the Calypso Text
-- "Rum and Coca-Cola": Calypso and Cultural Hybridity
-- Media Representations of Calypso
-- Soca Chutney, Rhapso, and Other Emerging forms of Calypso
-- Calypso and its Parallel Caribbean Musical Traditions
-- Calypso and the Body
-- The Drama Queen and Calypso

Submission deadline: December 18th, 2004.
Please send abstracts to

For further information, visit the Caribbean Literary Studies website at:


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