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Brilliant Corners
2005 Leeds International Jazz Conference
Leeds, March 2005

"Brilliant Corners"
2005 Leeds International Jazz Conference

Since its inception in 1994, the annual Leeds International Jazz Conference has
developed into one of the leading events of its kind in Europe.  Next year's
conference, the 11th annual event, will be held on 11 - 12 March 2005 and will
feature presentations on the theme of "Brilliant Corners", a title designed to
celebrate the diversity of work carried out under the umbrella of jazz studies.  The
event will include a keynote presentations from Professor Scott DeVeaux (The
University of Virginia) and Professor Sherrie Tucker (University of Kansas) outlining
the agenda for future jazz scholarship.

Call for Papers

As part of our programme of events, the conference committee invites proposals for
papers, panels and roundtable discussions.  We welcome presentations that seek to
comment on advances within the field, including commentary on the emergence of
cross-disciplinary thinking and the development of jazz scholarship.  Proposals are
invited for papers on any area of jazz research - possible topics for consideration
may include:

*  Authenticity and jazz practice
*  Analysing jazz
*  Creation and transmission of jazz mythologies
*  Critical approaches to oral histories and jazz (auto)biography
*  Early jazz scholarship: problems and methods
*  Jazz and cultural studies 
*  Jazz and film
*  Jazz and the technologies of recording
*  Jazz as social text
*  Pedagogical approaches to jazz studies
*  Gender studies and jazz
*  Geographical studies/globalisation
*  Improvisation and the body
*  Interdisciplinarity and jazz
*  Intertextuality and jazz
*  Political discourses in jazz
*  Performance as research
*  Receiving jazz; understanding jazz audiences
*  Representations of jazz in art/literature/poetry
*  The place of tradition: from racial dialogues to postmodernity
*  Understanding scenes, trends and movements
*  Valuing jazz

Individual presentations should be no more than twenty minutes in duration. Proposals
should take the form of a title followed by an abstract of not more than 200 words.  
Deadline for submission is Monday 28 November 2004. Decisions will be notified by 5
December 2004.  Abstracts should be addressed to:

Dr Tony Whyton
Assistant Head of Higher Education
Leeds College of Music
3 Quarry Hill
Leeds LS2 7PD

Or e-mailed to:
Enquiries: +44 (0)113 222 3436

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