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College Park, MD, March 2005

March 18-19, 2005
University of Maryland School of Music
College Park, MD

Please join us for MACSEM 2005 to be held at the University of Maryland School of
Music in College Park, MD from March 18-19, 2005.

The primary theme of MACSEM 2005 is the often-asked question "Ethno-what?" which
relates to the (mis-)perception of ethnomusicology in the public sphere. In view of
two major upcoming anniversaries (the 50th anniversary of SEM in 2005 and the 25th
anniversary of MACSEM in 2006), the discussion of the history and the future of both
organizations is very timely, especially with regard to the identity, purpose and
image of each organization. A secondary theme concerns virtual ethnomusicology and
the impact of digital technologies on ethnomusicological research and teaching.
Proposals on other topics (e.g. current research) will also be considered.

The schedule for MACSEM 2005 has been posted at:

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