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John Cage, Thinker-Performer
Manchester, April 2005

One Day Conference

'John Cage, Thinker-Performer'

One-day conference
Royal Northern College of Music (UK)
Saturday 16 April 2005

This one-day conference is free to RNCM staff and students; 15.00 to
others (includes, coffee, tea, both performances and the drinks
reception). Advance registration is unnecessary, but an indication of
intent to attend would be helpful.

The provisional programme is below and (printer-friendly) at

9.30am Registration

10.00	Stephen Chase, 'Listening / Not Listening: Improvisation after Cage'

10.30	Clemens Gresser, 'Cage, the Performer and the Idea of Co-Creatorship'

11.00	Coffee

11.15 	Darla Crispin, 'Some Noisy Ruminations on Susan Sontag's 'Aesthetics 
of Silence''

11.45	Nic Melia, 'Silence and Subjectivity: Strands of Critical Resistance 
to Sound-Making'

12.15pm Keynote address: David Nicholls, 'Cage - Performing'

1.15 	Lunch

2.15 	Simon Anderson, 'Over-prepared, Under-prepared? The Problems of
Preparing Pianos for the Music of Cage'

2.45 	Marco Lombardi, 'Cage's Cello Music'

3.15 	Tea

3.30 	Rebecca Kim, '"Making Music by Reading Aloud": Cage as Vocalist'

4.00 	Rob Haskins, 'Playing in the Brothel: Problems of Performance
Practice in Cage's Song Books'

4.30 	Drinks reception and performance of 'Lecture on Nothing' by Jody

5.30 	Performance of 'Sonatas and Interludes' for prepared piano by John

6.30 	Close

Organisers: Dr Martin Dixon (University of Glasgow), Anthony Gritten
(Royal Northern College of Music).

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