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CHARM Symposium
Comparative Perspectives on the Study of Recordings drawn from 'Art' Musicology, Popular Musicology, Ethnomusicology and Interdisciplinary Performance Studies
Egham, April 2005

CHARM Symposium
14-16 April 2005
Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

The first Symposium held by the AHRB Research Centre for the History and
Analysis of Recorded Music will be held at Royal Holloway, Egham on 14-16
April, 2005. The topic will be comparative perspectives in the study of
recordings drawn from 'art' musicology, popular musicology, ethno-
musicology, and interdisciplinary performance studies. Participants will
include Alf Björnberg (University of Göteborg), Allan Moore (University of
Surrey), John Cowley, Michelle Kisliuk (University of Virginia), Peter
Johnson (Birmingham Conservatoire), Philip Auslander (Georgia Tech),
Richard Middleton (University of Newcastle), Robert Philip (Open
University), Stephanie Jordan (Roehampton University), and Susan Melrose
(Middlesex University).

The Symposium is envisaged as a focussed, residential event rather than a
large conference, with a high proportion of discussion and a sense of
continuity and development over the three days. (The one exception will be
on the morning of 15 April, when there will be a joint session with the
British Forum for Ethnomusicology/AHRB Research Centre for Cross-Cultural
Music and Dance Performance.) For this reason, while we invite
participation from interested individuals, we are doing so on the basis of
an inclusive residential package, as follows (all prices in pounds

2 nights: £141.69
3 nights: £208.92
4 nights: £276.15

The Symposium will begin at lunchtime on 14 April and finish shortly after
lunch on 16 April, so a 2-night package will be adequate for most UK

Accommodation is limited, so if you would like to register for the
Symposium, please contact the Centre Coordinator, Carol Chan
( as soon as possible, and certainly no later than
30 November 2004. We will accept applications beyond this date but only if
accommodation is still available.

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