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Ethnomusicology at Work and in Action
Los Angeles, April 2005


2005 Annual Graduate Student Conference
University of California, Los Angeles
April 9 - 10, 2005

"Ethnomusicology at Work and in Action"

Abstracts due: February 4, 2005

All students, faculty, and professionals involved in ethnomusicology,
musicology, music performance, cultural studies, anthropology, media
studies, folklore, music journalism, and related fields and professions
are invited to share their work and experiences at the fourth UCLA
Ethnomusicology Graduate Student Organization Conference, "Ethnomusicology
at Work and in Action."

As the old notion of a disengaged academic "ivory tower" continues to lose
its relevance, ethnomusicologists are faced with a variety of hands-on
roles in the wider community as consultants, activists, specialists, and
educators. The term "applied ethnomusicology" has emerged to help define
how ethnomusicologists interact with people and interests beyond the
traditional domain of academia. But what does "applied" actually mean? In
what ways has "traditional" ethnomusicology already demonstrated community
engagement? How do we problematize long-held distinctions between theory
and praxis, home and field, and the university and society? Are there
limits to the scholar's role in advocacy and social justice?

As it stands, applied ethnomusicology encompasses community activism,
world music pedagogy, archiving, and grassroots organizing among many
other forms of engagement. Advancing the conversation requires
perspectives from all who support communities and their arts:
universities, community arts institutions, teachers, performers, concert
programmers, film composers, etc. This conference seeks papers that
address the theoretical, practical, and ethical issues that develop from
their community application. We seek submissions from a wide range of
disciplines and institutions on subjects that draw from recent research or
works-in-progress; address current community issues; and present community

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Archiving and museum work
Sound media production
Ethnographic filmmaking
Concert promotion and artist management
Cultural policy/brokering
World music pedagogy
The place of applied work in ethnomusicology
The future of applied work in ethnomusicology

The standard presentation format is a 20-minute presentation followed by a
10-minute question and answer period. We also welcome proposals for panel
discussions and workshops. Submissions of paper, panel, or workshop
abstracts should include a title and be limited to 250 words. Please
include contact information including affiliation, address, email, and

Please send submissions via email to by Friday, February
4, 2005

Questions regarding submissions may be directed to Kevin Miller at the email 
address above or by phone to Megan Rancier at (310) 745-8841 (Please keep 
Pacific Time zone in mind). Presenters will be notified of acceptance by 
February 28, 2005.

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