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GAMMA-UT, Fifth Annual Conference
Austin, TX, April 2005

Please allow me to extend a personal invitation to the upcoming Graduate
Association of Music and Musicians at UT (GAMMA-UT) conference to be held
at the University of Texas-Austin on Saturday, April 9, 2005.

There is no registration fee. The entire conference and concert will take
place in the Music Recital Hall, 2.608.

Best Wishes,
L. Christine Amos
GAMMA-UT Program Committee Chair, 2005
9-10:30 Ethnomusicology Session
Ketty Wong  "Luis Humberto Salgado: A Quixote of Ecuadorian Music.  Search
for a National Expression of Modernity"

Katya Slutskaya Levine  "The Cultural Exotics or the Art Organism?  More
on "Jewishness" in Shostakovich's Quartets" 

Alfredo Colman  "Searching for the Tekó:  Harp and Traditional Music in

10:45-12:15 Theory Session
Wally Pok Hon Yu  "Tonality, Atonality, and Interval Cycles in
Schoenberg's Ein Stelldichein, Chamber Symphony No. 1, and String Quartet
No. 2"

Mike Malone  "Destiny and Defeat: Heroic Ambivalence and the Construction
of Fate In Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony"

Jean Hare "Borrowing and Critique in Erik Satie's "Humoristic" Piano

2:00-3:30 Keynote Address:  
Philip Rupprecht  "'Something Slightly Indecent': British composers and
the European Avant-Garde in the 1950s." (The talk is related to a new book
he is currently writing, British Musical Modernism Since 1960.)

3:45-4:45 20th Century/Musicology: 
Heather Feldman  "'Politics is music-is life!' Ani DiFranco on Post-9/11

Rachell Mitchell  "Finding the Answer Through Kaleidoscope Eyes: A Linear
and Narrative Analysis of The Beatles' 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'"

1) Study of a Single Source - Adam Stansbie - City University of London
2) Enigma - Sabrina Pena - Florida International University
3) Il Fontino Blu - Maria Martin - University of Cincinnati
   College-Conservatory of Music
4) Memories of Xiao Xiang - Lei Liang - Harvard University
5) One Millisecond - Adam Stansbie - City University of London


6) Retroversal - David Parfit - NYU
7) Tierra del Fuego - John Dribus - University of North Texas
8) Post - Paul Russell - Kingston University

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