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Music in Our World: Taking It to the Streets
Joint SEMSEC / NC Folklore Society Conference
Raleigh, NC, April 2005

Music in Our World: Taking It to the Streets
Joint SEMSEC / NC Folklore Society Conference, April 1-2, 2005
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC


Friday April 1
8:00-9:00	Registration (Talley Student Center, Brown Rm, 4th Floor)

9:00-11:00	Paper Session 1: Southern Musical Traditions (Talley,
		Brown Room)	
                Chair: Nikos Pappas

9:00-9:30	"Who Shit in Grandpa's Hat?": Kentucky's Appropriation
		of Southern Ohio Fiddle Style
		Nikos Pappas, University of Kentucky

9:30-10:00	Composing Tradition: Two Songs "Written" by Blue Ridge
		Tradition Bearers Orville Hicks and Glenn Bolick
		Thomas McGowan, Appalachian State University

10:00-10:30	Mountain Music is My Music
		Kara Rogers Thomas, Frostburg State University

10:30-11:00	Butta' Team Breaks Beats
		Martha King, Blaine Waide, Aaron Smithers
		University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

11:00-12:30	Lunch and SEMSEC business meeting (Talley, North Gallery,
		2nd Floor)

12:30-3:00	Paper Session 2: Music in the Public Sphere (Talley, Brown
		Chair: Laurie Kay Sommers

12:30-1:00	Music in Our World: "Taking It to the Woods"
		Laurie Kay Sommers, Valdosta State University

1:00-1:30	Carolina Music Ways: An Exploration of Creative
		Peggy Ann Hall, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

1:30-2:00	Music and Community: Encountering Unfamiliar Musics
		Through Shaker Oats
		Laurie Semmes, Appalachian State University

2:00-2:30	Indigenous Folk Music in Elementary Music Education of
		Taiwan since 1987
		Michelle Chiung-Wen Chang, University of Florida
2:30-3:00	Authentic Klezmer at KlezKamp: Jewish Nusic and Culture
		Jennie Lavine, Emory University

3:00-3:15	Break

3:15-5:15	Paper Session 3A: What Does Music Say About Us? (Talley, 
		Conference Room, 4th Floor)
		Chair: Connie Mason

3:15-3:45	Can you Hear Me Now? Do Our Ringtones Define Us?
		Connie Mason, North Carolina Maritime Museum

3:45-4:15	Western Popular Music and the Construction of Okinawan
		Identities at the Seawall
		Jeffrey A. Jones, Florida State University

4:15-4:45	Community and Power in Processional Music Performances
		during SASADU 1998 Festival in Alavanyo, Ghana
		George Worlasi Kwasi Dor, University of Mississippi

4:45-5:15	Discussion

3:15-5:15	Paper Session 3B: Music, Identity and Global Connections
		(Talley, Brown Room, 4th Floor)	
		Chair: Margaret Jackson

3:15^3:45	Black Like We: the Sounds and Images of Turkish Hip-hop in
		Margaret Jackson, Florida State University

3:45-4:15	Vital Influences of a Minority on a Majority
		Zeynep Gonca Girgin
		Istanbul Technical University

4:15-4:45	Edibindwom: Gender Identity in Akan Sacred Lyric
		Ekua Jameswa Mensah, East Carolina University

4:45-5:15	Nanyin and the Negotiation of Chinese Identities:
		Perspectives from Musicians in Taiwan and China
		Stephanie Spangler, Emory University

6:00-8:00	Reception and Music Jam Session (Home of Wayne and
		Margaret Martin, 1623 Park Drive - 3 blocks from
		Brownstone Hotel)

8:00-		Dinner on your own

Saturday April 2

9:00-9:30	Registration (Talley Student Center, Brown Room, 4th

9:30-11:00	Panel Discussion: Music Radio: Deejays Bringing the Music
		to the Folk (Talley, Walnut Room, 4th Floor)
		Host: Tom Hanchett, Levine Museum of the New South,

		Bouna Ndiaye, "Bonjour Africa" host, WNCU 90.7, Durham, NC
		Tim Woodall, "PineCone Bluegrass Show" host, WQDR 94.7,
		Raleigh, NC
		Robbie Ernhart, WPAQ, Mount Airy, NC
		Jon Bloom, La Ley general manager, WYMY 96.9FM, Raleigh, NC

11:30-1:00	Lunch and NCFS business meeting (Talley, Blue Room and
		Walnut Room)

1:30-3:00	Awards Ceremony - Brown-Hudson and Community Traditions
		Awards (Talley, Walnut Room)

3:00-3:30	Break

3:30-4:30	Archival Resources and Access: a Multimedia Visit to the
		Southern Folklife Collection (Talley, Room 3118, 3rd Floor)
		Steve Weiss, Sound and Image Librarian, Southern Folklife
		Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

5:00-7:00	Dinner on your own

7:00-		Film Presentation (Nelson Hall Auditorium, Hillsborough
		Street and Dan Allen Drive)

7:00-7:30 an online archive of documentary films
		about American folklife
		Tom Davenport, filmmaker

7:30-		Documentary films featuring North Carolina music and
		William Lewis

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