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Dancing from the Center, Twenty-Eighth Annual Conference, Society of Dance History Scholars
Evanston, IL, June 2005

The Society of Dance History Scholars Presents
Its Twenty-eighth Annual Conference


June 9-12, 2005
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

The Society of Dance History Scholars invites proposals for individual
papers, panels, roundtables, movement workshops and lecture-
demonstrations for its twenty-eighth annual conference, hosted by
Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. The Society defines history
in the broadest possible way and includes in its conference programs a
wide range of research methodologies, interpretive approaches and analytic
techniques. The program committee encourages interdisciplinary
perspectives, and scholars from disciplines related to dance are strongly
invited to submit their work. The Society encourages submissions from
graduate students and independent scholars.  Given our auspicious location
close to Chicago-the Second City and Third Coast-we are especially
interested in submissions that engage with dance practices in Chicago and
the surrounding Midwest.  We also invite individual papers or entire
panels that rethink the multiple meanings of center: center and margin,
geographical centers/sites of activity, and the physical center within the
moving body.  Does dance history look different from another definition of
center?  What physical center grounds dance in the body?  How do the
dynamic processes of centering and/or marginalizing affect dance

Submissions should be postmarked by DECEMBER 1, 2004
Please send six copies of the proposal along with the submission form to:

         Susan C. Cook
         School of Music-Mosse Humanities Building
         455 N. Park Street
         University of Wisconsin-Madison
         Madison, WI 53726

No submissions will be accepted by fax or email.  Queries may be addressed
by email to:

For further information, please see the Society's website:
Local Arrangements Committee:  Susan Manning (chair), Joseph Mills, 
Rebecca Rossen.


Individual Papers: 
Individual papers, based on unpublished research or interpretation, should
not exceed 30 minutes for presentation, including audio-visual aids. If
you are interested in presenting a paper, please submit a proposal that
includes an abstract and a bibliography. In two pages or less, the
abstract should outline your argument, its premises, sources of evidence,
analytical method, and conclusion. The bibliography may add up to an
additional page. On the submission form clearly indicate your needs for
audiovisual and/or electronic equipment. Copies of the complete paper may
be submitted along with, but cannot substitute for, the proposal. However,
graduate students competing for the Selma Jeanne Cohen Award must submit a
complete paper in addition to the short proposal; see accompanying

Three or four applicants may propose a panel of papers on a related topic.
If you are interested in this option, please submit a one-page summary of
the larger topic in addition to individual paper proposals as outlined
above. A submission form must accompany each proposal, and all the
proposals should be sent together.

Lecture-demonstrations may run from 45 to 90 minutes. If you are
interested in presenting a lecture-demonstration, please submit a proposal
no more than two pages long that describes the topic, approach, and
sources. On the submission form clearly indicate your requirements for
space, for time, and for audio-visual and/or electronic equipment. If two
or more applicants are involved, each must fill out a submission form.

Movement workshops may not exceed 90 minutes. If you are interested in
offering a workshop, please submit a proposal no more than two pages long
that describes your focus, approach, and sources. On the submission form
clearly indicate the type of space required and the recommended attire for

Working Groups, Roundtables, or Alternate Formats: 
Ongoing working groups focus on Students in SDHS, Dance History Teachers,
Early Dance, Ethnicity and Dance, Strategies for Doctoral Education, and
Reconstruction. Proposals for new working groups are welcome and should
include a proposal no more than two pages long that outlines the focus for
the group. Proposals for roundtables and alternate formats should follow
the standard guidelines and describe the topic and format for the event in
no more than two pages. All proposed participants must fill out a
submission form.

In recognition of Selma Jeanne Cohen's great contributions to dance
history, the Society of Dance History Scholars inaugurated an award in her
name at its 1995 conference. The award aims to encourage graduate student
members of SDHS by recognizing excellence in scholarship in dance history.
Up to three awards will be offered at each conference.  Each award
includes an invitation to present a paper at the conference, waiver of the
registration fee for that conference, and a grant of up to $400 to help
defray costs of attending the conference.

In conformance with the SDHS guidelines for individual papers, a student
wishing to apply for the Selma Jeanne Cohen Award should submit the full
text of a paper to the Program Committee, along with a cover letter asking
that the paper be placed in competition and stating the student's
institutional affiliation. A three-page proposal two-page abstract and
one-page bibliography) also should accompany the completed paper.  The
paper should be designed for oral delivery within 30 minutes, that is,
should run no more than 12 double-spaced pages.  Dissertation chapters
should not be entered into competition. When submitting papers for the SJC
Award, please follow the regular guidelines and submit six copies of your
proposal along with the submission form, your paper, and your cover

Papers accepted by the Program Committee will be forwarded to the Selma
Jeanne Cohen Award Committee, whose members will determine the awards
based on the originality of the research, the rigor of the argument, and
the clarity of the writing. Students will be notified of the results
within one month of acceptance of their papers.


* All presenters must be members of SDHS or join before the conference.
  For membership information, please contact Jim Ranieri, SDHS Account 
  Manager; 3416 Primm Lane; Birmingham, AL  35216; USA. Phone:
  +1-205-978-1404.  Fax: +1-205-823-2760. Email:
* Please note that all SDHS members may pay their membership dues by check
  or money order in US funds, or with a VISA, MasterCard, or American
* You may submit only one proposal to the Program Committee, and your name
  may appear on the program for "Dancing From The Center" only once as a
  presenter. However, you may also serve as a session chair, although not
  for your own panel. 
* If you wish to be notified that your proposal was received, please 
  either include your email address or a stamped, self-addressed postcard. 
* Please do not submit videotapes, slides, or photographs. Remember to 
  state your needs for audio-visual and electronic equipment on the 
  submission form. If relevant, also indicate amount of time requested, 
  space requirements, and recommendations for attire. 
* If a paper is accepted for presentation at the conference, only the 
  author of the paper may deliver the presentation. 
* Except for winners of the Selma Jeanne Cohen Award, all presenters must
  pay the registration fee for the entire conference in which they will be
* Presenters are encouraged to rehearse their presentations in advance to
  make sure they adhere to the time limits. Time limits will be enforced.
  Previous experience indicates that 12 double-spaced pages usually
  require about 30 minutes to present orally, with slides or overhead
  projections requiring 30-60 seconds each. 
* For lecture-demonstrations and workshops, the Program Committee reserves
  the right to make adjustments in the time requested in order to fit the
  overall scheduling of "Dancing From The Center". While the Program
  Committee respects the conception of panel proposals, it reserves the
  right to judge each submission independently and to coordinate with
  other paper proposals when and where appropriate. 
SUBMISSIONS FOR "Dancing From The Center"
Society of Dance History Scholars

Must be postmarked by December 1, 2004

Send this information and six copies of your proposal to:

Susan C. Cook
School of Music-Mosse Humanities Building
455 N. Park Street
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 53726

Please print or type.

Mailing Address: 
Telephone: (W) (H)
Note: The Program Committee will confirm receipt of your proposal via 
email.  If you do not have email and would like confirmation, please 
include a stamped, self-addressed postcard.
Title of Presentation: 
Individual Paper; Lecture-Demonstration; Participant in Panel; 
Participant in Roundtable; Working Group; Other
Audio-Visual Equipment Required:
Electronic Equipment Required: 
Other Requirements: 
Are you currently enrolled in a graduate program (MA, MFA, PhD)?
Are you applying for the Selma Jeanne Cohen Award?

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