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Fifth Annual Conference, Association for Asian Performance
San Francisco, July 2005

Call for Papers

AAP - Association for Asian Performance Conference 2005

The Association for Asian Performance (AAP) invites submissions for its
Fifth Annual Conference in San Francisco July 27, 2005, preceding the ATHE
conference July 28-31, 2005.

Proposals are invited for papers, panels, workshops, and roundtable
discussions. Proposals for individual papers should include a brief
abstract. Presentations should be limited to 20 minutes so that there will
be time left for questions and discussion. Visual materials (slides,
video) are strongly encouraged. Panels should be composed of three paper
presenters and one discussant or four paper presenters. Proposals for
panels should provide a brief statement that explains the session as a
whole and the proposed subject of each paper. Roundtables offer an
opportunity for participants to discuss a specific theme, issue, or
significant recent publication. A maximum of six active participants is
recommended. While a roundtable proposal will not be as detailed as a
panel proposal, it should explain fully the session's purpose, themes or
issues, and scope. Proposals for workshops by performance practitioner(s)
with expertise in specific Asian performance traditions are welcomed,
particularly workshops that overlap with a panel theme or paper
presentation. Workshop proposals should include an abstract explaining
methods and goals. Workshops should be designed to run no longer than 80

We encourage suggestions for innovative alternatives to the panels,
individual papers, and roundtables described above. Proposals should
include the following:

1.Title of panel, roundtable or paper
2.Names of all presenters, including chair and/or organizer and discussant
  (for panels and roundtables)
3.Affiliation, specialization (field/region), mailing address, phone 
  numbers and email addresses of all participants.
4.Explanation of the session (for panels, workshops, and roundtables);
  abstract of each panel presentation or each paper

Proposals should be emailed to Kirstin Pauka: If you
need help locating other scholars to participate in a panel or roundtable,
send a preliminary description of your proposal before April 1 so we can
post it on the AAP website. Or you can post your suggestions for a panel
there directly by logging on to the site at:

The deadline for submission of all proposals is May 1, 2005.
All presenters are expected to join AAP. Membership is $40 per year ($25
for students) and includes a subscription to the Asian Theatre Journal.

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