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German-speaking Emigrés in British Cinema, 1925-1950
Southampton, July 2005

University of Southampton, Southampton
15.07.2005-17.07.2005, University of Southampton, Avenue Campus
Deadline: 01.01.2005

An International Conference
15 - 17 July 2005

This conference aims to determine the influence of German-speaking émigrés
on British cinema from the late silent film era to the immediate
post-World War Two period, focussing on areas such as the exchange of
technology (e.g. sound and colour), professional training and education,
cross-cultural interplay, exile, genre, and representation. Papers are
invited on all aspects relating to above topic, though we are particularly
interested in the following areas:

- Discussion/analysis of individual films made by émigré personnel
- Biographical studies, in the context of wider socio-cultural examination
  of patterns of migration and exile, and of international film production
- Industrial contexts (production methods; case studies of individual 
  studios, producers)
- Film exile (studies) in the context of exile (studies) in general
- Film exile, World War II, and propaganda
- Trajectories of émigrés after 1945
- Exchanges: émigré film in the context of an in relation to other media 
  and art forms: music, theatre, literature, radio, television

Please send a 200-300 word proposal of your paper, along with a short
biographical note (100 words or less) by 1 January 2005. Further
information about the conference will be announced by February 2005.

Christian Cargnelli:
T: ++44 (0)23 8059 2605

Tim Bergfelder:
T: ++44 (0)23 8059 2176

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