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Electroacoustic Music Studies -- Sound in Multimedia Contexts (EMS-05)

University of Montréal and McGill University, Montréal, 19-22 October 2005

EMS-05 is a four day event focusing on issues relating to the history,
analysis, and archiving of electroacoustic music. The conference will
be complemented by a series of concerts at Université de Montréal
(Salle Claude Champagne) and Concordia University (Oscar Peterson
Concert Hall & The Black Box). This year's keynote speaker will be
Francis Dhomont, an Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre, a
founding member and Honorary Member of the Canadian Electroacoustic
Community and a former professor at the Université de Montréal.

For further details and booking form, see


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

13:00-16:00	Université de Montréal	Registration 
16:00 		Université de Montréal  Keynote Address: Francis Dhomont  
17:45 		Université de Montréal  Wine & Cheese Reception  
20:00 		Salle Claude-Champagne  Concert 

Thursday, October 20, 2005
9:00 - 10:30  	Session I: Multimedia		Chair: Jean Piché
		McGill University
	John Coulter	Spiral Realization: An Action Research Model
			for Multimedia Composition  
	Diego Garro  	A Glow on Pythagoras. Curtain: A composer's
			perspective on electroacoustic music with
	Rosemary Mountain  Tool/Game/Environment: The Interactive
			Multimedia Thesaurus & Playroom  

10:30-11:00  	Break 

11:00-12:30	Session II: Visual Representation
		Chair: Danielle Teruggi 
		McGill University
	Brian Evans	The Graphic Design of Musical Structure:
			Scores for Listeners: Incantation and Mortuos 
			Plango, Vivos Voco  
	Pierre Couprie  (Ré)presentation de la musique
	Evelyne Gayou	Analyser et transcrire les musiques 
			électoracoustiques: L.experience des
			Portraitspolychromes au GRM  

12:30-14:00	Lunch Break  

14:00-15:30	Session III: Terminology/Placement
		Chair: Rosemary Mountain 
		McGill University
	Leslie David	Blasium Electroacoustic music and its
	John Richards	Getting Beyond the Medium 

15:30-16:00	Break  

16:00-17:30	Session IV: Intention & Access 
		Chair: Philippe Depalle 
		McGill University
	Barbara Fox	Schaeffer Stands His Ground: Orfée 53
			and Sonic Musicality  
	Anna-Marie Higgins & Kevin Jennings  From Peering in the
			Window to Opening the Door: A Constructivist
			Approach to Making Electroacoustic Music
			Accessible to Young Listeners  
	Rob Weale and Leigh Landy  Discovering How Accessible
			Electroacoustic Music Can Be: The
			Intention/Reception Project  

17:30-19:30	Dinner Break  

20:00-21:30	Concert at Oscar Peterson Concert Hall  

Friday, October 21, 2005

9:00-10:30	Session I: Analysis	Chair: Marcelo Wanderley
		McGill University
	David Ogborn	"When they are dying, men sing". Nono's
			Diario Polacco n. 2 
	Kerry L. Hagan	Genetic Analysis of Xenakis. Analogique B 
	Doug Van Nort	The Contemporary Production of Noise and the
			Role of the System 

10:30-11:00	Break 

11:00-12:30	Session II: Analysis	Chair: Simon Emmerson 
		McGill University
	Kevin Austin	Analysis in Electroacoustic Studies 
	Bruno Bossis	L'analyse des musiques électroacoustiques: des
			sources aux invariants 
	Koichi Fujii	Analysis of Early Electroacoustic Music of
			Japan: In search for systematic analytical

12:30-14:00	Lunch Break  

14:00-15:30	Session III: Analysis	Chair: Hannah Bosma 
		McGill University
	Andreas Bergsland  From maximal to minimal voice - concepts
			for evaluating vocal sounds in electroacoustic
	Gary S. Kendall Juxtaposition and Non-Motion: Varése bridges
			modernism and electroacoustic music 
	John Young	Sound in Structure: Applying
			spectromorphological concepts 

15:30-16:00	Break  

16:00-17:30	Session IV: Analysis	Chair: Stephen McAdams 
		McGill University
	Laura Zattra	L'identité de l'oeuvre : acteurs et processus
			de la musique électroacoustique 
	Marc Battier	Création et technologie - l'ancrage génétique
			dans l'analyse du repertoire 
	Philippe Lalitte  Contrariété, contradiction et
			complémentarité dans les relations entre
			l'instrumental et l'électronique dans la
			musique mixte de la deuxième moitié du XXe

17:00-19:30	Dinner Break  

20:00-21:30	Visit to Hexagram 

Saturday, October 22, 2005

9:00-10:30	Session I: New Historical Perspectives
		Chair: Marc Battier 
		McGill University
	Robert Gluck	Towards An International History of 
			Electroacoustic Music: Some Preliminary
	Nicolas Viel	Esthétique et politique de la modernité
			musicale: positivisme et "destinée manifeste"
	Joel Chadabe	TBA 

10:30-11:00	Break 

11:00-12:30	Session II: Post-Schaefferian theory + new perspectives
		Chair: John Young 
		McGill University
	Rolf Inge Godoy  Gestural Sonorous Objects: Rethinking
			Schaeffer's typo-morphological concepts 
	Randolph Jordan  Cause and Effect: Cinema and the Tradition of
			Acousmatic sounds 
	Dante Tanzi	Musical Objects and Digital Domains 

12:30-14:00	Lunch Break  

14:00-16:00	Session III: Archiving 		Chair: Leigh Landy 
		McGill University
	Hannah Bosma	Documentation and publication of 
			electroacoustic and multimedia compositions at
			NEAR: experiences and experiments 
	Simon Waters	Making the Archive and Archiving the
			Making: Insights and outcomes from a major
			research project 
	Ricardo Dal Farra  Something Lost, something hidden, something
			found: The Latin American Electroacoustic
			Music Collection 
	Simon Emmerson 	In what form can "live electronic music" live

16:00-16:30	Break  
16:30-17:30	Session IV: The Aesthetics of preservation 
		Chair: Laura Zattra 
		McGill University
	Judith Michelle Crispin  Discussion of a new attempt
			to find Busoni's missing reproducing piano
			recordings and convert them into digital
			performance editions 
	Danielle Teruggi  Building an International network to preserve
			Electroacoustic heritage, a challenge for a

17:30-18:00	EMS Network announcement of EMS07 & Closing 

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