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Enescu's Faces

Berlin Enescu Days
Berlin, 26-29 October 2005

Festival and musicological symposium on the occasion of the 50th
anniversary of the death of George Enescu (1881-1955). It takes place in
October, 26th-29th 2005 at the Berlin University of Arts and the Berlin
Romanian Cultural Institute "Titu Maiorescu".

Marking 50 years since the passing away of the composer George Enescu, the
year 2005 has been proclaimed by the UNESCO as being - among other
celebrations - also the year of George Enescu. Unfortunately this has been
so far an appeal that has remained almost unanswered throughout the vast
majority of Germany's artistic schedules.

While Enescu's entire oeuvre has been recorded several times, his name
continues to remain more or less absent in concert halls as well as in
academic discussions. The scientific preoccupation with Enescu is
characterized by constantly new approaches. The musicological research,
extremely productive since 1955, did have to adjust itself time and again
in Romania to changed esthetical and ideological demands by either
following or purposedly avoiding them. After the downfall of communism the
tendency to free Enescu's oeuvre from national limitations and to confront
it with international modernism became predominant and proved itself as a
new beginning that is as much promising as it is difficult. Enescu
considered himself to be an artist of five faces - the composer, the
violinist, the conductor, the pianist and the teacher. The musicological
research dealing with Enescu will have to take a lot more than those five
into consideration.

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