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Can music help you learn?
Music Education: Research, Policy, Practice

Royal College of Music, London
Friday 28 October 2005, 1100-1700

The programme for the ninth research seminar in the series 'Music
Education: Research, Policy, Practice' is attached, and there is
further information at

Presenters include: Frances Rauscher, Philip Adey, Wilfried Gruhn,
Karen Brock, Elaine Scott, Hiromichi Mito, Marc Jaffrey, Steve

Dr Janet Mills
Research Fellow
Royal College of Music
Prince Consort Road
London SW7 2BS, UK

Tel:     +44-(0)20 7591 4392

The ninth of a series of research seminars at the Royal College of
Music that is intended to help integrate research, policy and practice
in music education.

1100	Welcome and chair 	Janet Mills (Royal College of Music)
1105 	Frances Rauscher	(University of Wisconsin Oshkosh)
  	Musical influences on children's cognitive development

1205 	Philip Adey	(King's College, London)
	Learning styles and learning strategies: what we want to believe
	and what the evidence says

1305 	Lunch

1400 	Wilfried Gruhn	(University of Freiburg) 
	Music and intelligence: do they interfere?

1500 	Tea 

1515 	Karen Brock	(Tower Hamlets Council)
1525 	Elaine Scott	(Harrow and Bucks LEAs)
1535 	Hiromichi Mito	(Niigata University, Japan)
  	Chair 	To be confirmed

1545 	Discussion 	  
  	What next? 	  
1630 	Marc Jaffrey	(Music Manifesto Champion)
1640 	Steve Margiotta

1650	To be confirmed	

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