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Royal Courts and Capitals

Istanbul, October 2005

Sabanci University will be hosting the "Royal Courts and Capitals"
conference in Istanbul on October 14-16. The conference will be realized
as part of the COST Action "Tributary Empires Compared: Romans, Mughals
and Ottomans in the Pre-Industrial World From Antiquity Till the
Transition to Modernity". "Tributary Empires Compared" is a four-year
project which aims to produce a better understanding of classical
tributary empires and the problems relating to segmented, loosely
integrated and partly overlapping forms of power and authority, through
the establishment of a European network for the comparative study of the
Roman, Ottoman, Mughal and related empires. "Royal Courts and Capitals"
conference brings together scholars working in different disciplines to
explore and share the latest research on imperial courts. The proceedings
will be published in the future.

Conference Organizers:
Metin Kunt (Sabanci):
Tulay Artan (Sabanci):
Jeroen Duindam (Utrecht):

For further information please contact Tulay Artan

Royal Courts and Capitals, 14-16 October 2005
Sabanci University, Istanbul


Friday Morning

Opening Metin Kunt / Jeroen Duindam 9.00-10.00

Session I 10.30-12.00 Variants of Dynastic Power
- Metin Kunt (Sabanci)  "How to become a sultan"
- Walter Scheidel (Stanford/Graz)  "Towards a comparative study of
monarchical succession and dynastic stability"
- Robert Frost (Aberdeen)  "Court, power and ritual in Poland-Lithuania
under the Vasa dynasty, 1587-1668"

Friday afternoon

Session II 13.30-15.30  Households and Bureaucracies: "state" and "court"
- Andrew Wallace-Hadrill  (The British School at Rome) "The Roman
imperial court: seen and unseen in the performance of power"
- Peter Bang (Copenhagen)  "Court and State in the Roman World"
- Hugh Kennedy (St Andrews) "Women and power in the early Abbasi court"

Session II 16.00-17.30  Households and Bureaucracies: "state" and "court"
- Jeroen Duindam (Utrecht)  "Households and state bureaucracies: status,
influence, and decision-making in Vienna and Versailles"
- Toby Osborne (Durham)  "A shadow of a prince: diplomats embodying
princes in early modern court ceremonial"


Saturday morning

Session III 9.00-12.30  Household Organization: Structures and Practices
- Mia Rodriguez Salgado (LSEP)  "Microcosm of empire or Castilian
enclave? The court of Philip II of Spain"
- Maria-Antonietta Visceglia (Rome)  "The Pope's Household (XIV-XVII
centuries) (court personnel)"
- Tulay Artan (Sabanci) "The grandvizier's 'new' household on parade :
refashioning bureaucracy at the 1720 Circumcision Festival ?"
- Paul Magdalino (St Andrews/Koc) "Court and Capital in Byzantium"

Saturday afternoon

Session IV 13.30-15.30  Courts as Meeting Places and Centres of Elite
- Rosamond McKitterick  (Newnham Cambridge) "The itinerant Frankish
royal court in the reign of Charlemagne"
- Janos Bak (CEU, Budapest/Sabancı) "Court and courtiers in the medieval
kingdom of Hungary"
- Jonathan Shepard (Oxford) "Young Barbarians at Court"

Session V 16.00-17.30  Courts as Conspicuous Centres: Legitimation and
Display, I
- Ebba Koch (Vienna) "Court Ceremonial and architecture as statements of
Mughal rulership"
- Michael Rogers (London)  "Ottoman Regalia"


Sunday morning

Session VI  9.00-10.30 Courts as Conspicuous Centres: Legitimation and
Display, II
- İsenbike Togan (METU-Ankara) "Tang court (7th c.) assigns a place to
history and historians"
- Amira Bennison (Cambridge)  "The Qur'an of 'Uthman: The transformation
of Cordoban Umayyad Ceremonial at the Almohad court in Marrakesh?"

Session VII  11.00-13.00 General Evaluation & Discussion
- Philip Mansel (Society for Court Studies, London) "Dynastic Matters"
- Greg Woolf (St Andrews)  "Government and Administration"
- Peter Burke (Cambridge) "Ceremonies and Representation"

Sunday afternoon

Palace and museum visits for non-members

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