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Performing Handel -- Then and Now

The Foundling Museum, London, England
26-27 November 2005

      The next Handel Institute triennial conference will be held at The
      Foundling Museum in London on Saturday and Sunday 26-27 November
      2005. The theme of the conference will be the interpretation of
      Handel's music in performance and it is intended that the
      conference will cover a wide range of topics on this subject, from
      Handel's own performances to those of the present day. Speakers
      include Graydon Beeks, Donald Burrows, Tim Day, Anthony Hicks,
      Peter Holman, David Hunter, David Hurley, Neil Jenkins, Richard
      King, Annette Landgraf, Konstanze Musketa, Michael Pacholke, Andrew
      Parrott, Graham Pont and John Roberts. Further information will be
      available from the Secretary of the Institute, Dr Elizabeth Gibson
      (, and will be published in the autumn
      issue of the Handel Institute Newsletter.

      The purpose of this conference is to investigate questions relating
      to the performance of Handel's music, in his time and ours. The
      performance practice of early music is a large and rich field
      attracting a great deal of research, of which the audible results
      are of interest to performers and music-lovers as well as
      musicologists. The music of Handel is a particularly complex and
      rewarding subject for such study. Born a German, he assimilated the
      Italian style in Italy, where he studied, learnt the French style
      in Hanover, where most of the orchestral personnel were French, and
      worked mainly in London. His music and its notation reflect the
      rich cosmopolitanism of his experience and pose important questions
      on various aspects of performance.

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