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Crosscurrents: Explorations in the History and Theory of Music

Yale University, New Haven, December 9-10, 2005

Friday, December 9
Paper Session 1

9:00-9:45	Gretchen Wheelock: Constructions of the Seemingly
Improvised: Haydn and Mozart in Clementi's Musical Characteristics, Op. 19 

9:45-10:30	John Gingerich: Unfinished Considerations:  Schubert's
B-Minor Symphony in the Context of His Beethoven Project

11:00-11:45	Robin Wallace: Three Decades of Beethoven Criticism

11:45-12:30	Ramon Satyendra: Forgetful Theory

Paper Session 2

1:30-2:15	Larry Todd: Echoes of the St. Matthew Passion in the Music
of Mendelssohn

2:15-3:00	Margaret Notley: Brahms and the Problem of Late Style

3:30-4:15	Peter H. Smith: Harmonic Cross-Reference and the Dialectic
of Articulation and Continuity in Sonata Expositions of Schubert and Brahms

4:15-5:00	Stephen Hefling: Mahler and Wagner

Saturday, December 10
Paper Session 3

9:00-9:45	Joseph Auner: Schoenberg's Row Tables: Analysis,
Temporality, and the Idea

9:45-10:30	Elizabeth Crist: Mutual Responses in the Midst of an
Era: Aaron Copland's The Tender Land (1954) and Leonard Bernstein's 
Candide (1956)

11:00-11:45	J. Peter Burkholder: Richard Strauss and the Survival of

11:45-12:30	Philip Rupprecht: Something Slightly Indecent: British
Composers and the 1950s European Avant-Garde

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