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Histories of Editions

European Society for Textual Scholarship (ESTS)
Amsterdam, Friday 16 and Saturday 17 December 2005

Abstracts (300 words) for 20-minute papers can be sent to the chairman of
the academic programme committee:

Deadline for abstracts: 25 January 2005.

The 2005 ESTS conference will focus on the ways in which specific texts
have been edited throughout history. The aim of the conference is to chart
tendencies that mark different periods in the history of scholarly editing
by examining the evolution of editing older and classic texts such as the
Divina Commedia, the Nibelungen sagas, the Canterbury Tales, Esopet, the
Bible. Within certain periods, it might be necessary to distinguish
different editorial traditions in different parts of Europe. Interested
scholars are invited to write an abstract for papers that follow the
editorial tradition of a text, either within a specific historical period
or leading up to the present day, including new developments in electronic

The conference will be organized in Amsterdam on Friday 16 and Saturday 17
December 2005 (following an ESF exploratory workshop on 'Scholarly editing
and nation building in Europe', 14-15 December 2005).

The organizers of this conference are the European Society for Textual
Scholarship (ESTS;, the Dutch Constantijn
Huygens Institute (CHI), the University of Amsterdam, the University of
Antwerp, in cooperation with the Huizinga Institute (Research Institute
and Graduate School of Cultural History) and the Institute of Culture and
History (University of Amsterdam).

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