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Music and Machines III

Newcastle upon Tyne, 15-16 December, 2005

Music and machines III

A two-day conference organised by the International Centre for Music
Studies (ICMuS) and Culture Lab,
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Armstrong Building
Newcastle upon Tyne

15th and 16th December, 2005

Following on from a series of research seminars throughout 2005, Culture
Lab and ICMuS are organising a two day mini-conference exploring the
emerging/emergent relationships between music/sound art and machines under
the impact of digital systems.  The emphasis will be on discussion and
sharing of ideas as much as on formal presentations, and it is hoped that
some strands of the discussion will lead to more concrete proposals from
participants for publishable articles.

Participants in earlier research seminars (many of whom will be
participating in the conference) have looked to a variety of places where
the relationships of music/sound with machines can be focussed onto
specific areas of interest.  These areas have included;

- changes in the understanding and valuation of skill and virtuosity
resulting from digital-specific practices such as MAX/MSP design, live
coding, etc.;

- ambiguity and the legibility of intention, function or skill;

- the aesthetic dimensions raised by sonification in relation to "music";

- transformations of romantic, modernist or utopian ideologies in
contemporary practices, notably in the shaping of space and time to
aesthetic and/or functionalist ends;

- non-causal concepts of sonic gesture and gestural models beyond literal
humanistic mappings;

- the place of memory in contemporary creative practices, in particular
the cultural role of archives, and the use of recordings, figured in
psychoanalytical terms as models of memory, in live performances;

- distributed media and performance, the emergence of a new proxemics and
collaborative models;

- the role of software and interface design in the facilitation of online
creative activities.

The nature of the conference is such that a greater amount of time than is
perhaps usual is earmarked for dialogue and group debate.  There is no
call for papers, although there will be presentations by invited guests,
including John Bowers (University of East Anglia), Bill Gaver (Royal
College of Art), Jay Chapman (Teesside University), Paul Vickers
(University of Northumbria), Sten-Olof Hellstrom (KTH, Stockholm), Andrew
Ballantyne (University of Newcastle), Tom Simmons (Norwich School of Art
and Design), and Lars Iyer (University of Newcastle).  This conference is
part of an ongoing series of research events co-organised by Culture Lab
and ICMuS

for more information please see

or contact bennett hogg

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