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Rethinking Mozart
Eighth Conference of the Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory

Royal Conservatory of Brussels, February 24-25, 2006


In the year 2006 we commemorate the birth of Mozart. Innumerable
events and concerts, of both artistic and commercial purposes, will be
devoted to this genius composer. In the midst of this activity, the
Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory will focus on Mozart's position
in the tradition of music theory. The conference will be divided
into three consecutive sessions.

- Analysing Mozart -
The first session will be devoted to the analysis of one specific work
by Mozart, namely his Symphony in D major, K.504, "Prague". Several
guest speakers will be invited to discuss the first movement from
different analytical angles. An extensive general discussion will
conclude this session. Participants are kindly requested to study
Mozart's score beforehand in order to guarantee and stimulate the
concluding discussion.

- Performing Mozart -
The second session will focus on artistic research. Trobador, the
Brussels Conservatory research group, will present some projects in
which the problems concerning the performance of Mozart's works are
investigated from within a wider context.

- Rethinking Mozart -
The third session will be open for lectures that deal with Mozart's
position in the history of music theory from 1791 up to the present
day. All topics will be considered as long as theoretical aspects
remain the focal point of the contributions. Special attention may be
given to the considerable neglect of Mozart's specificity as a
composer in a large majority of 19th- and 20th-century music theory.

Apart from these three main sessions, two keynote speeches are
provided. These lectures will concentrate on a common topic - the
relation between theoretical and historical approaches to music -
starting from a contrasting methodological point of view. The names of
the keynote speakers will be announced later.


For the third session - "Rethinking Mozart" - the program committee
invites proposals for lectures of maximally 20 minutes. NB!
Contributors are urgently requested not to read texts meant for
scholarly publication, and to seriously consider the aural
attractiveness of their lectures. On the other hand, fully reworked,
written-out versions of the lectures will be considered for

Abstracts (max. 500 words) must be sent by November 20th 2005, to both
Pieter Bergé ( and Clemens Kemme
( The conference program will be communicated to all
applicants by December 20, 2005. Please include the name of the
applicant, the name of the institution, e-mail address, post address,
and phone number. A full program will be distributed by January 13,

Organizing Committee:
Prof. Dr. Pieter Bergé (Catholic University Leuven)
Clemens Kemme (Conservatory of Amsterdam)
Peter Swinnen (Royal Conservatory of Brussels)

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