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Bartók's Orbit: The Context and Sphere of Influence of His Work

Budapest, March 2006

Call for papers and Contributions

Bartók's Orbit: The Context and Sphere of Influence of His Work

An international conference to be held by the Bartók Archives of the
Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
22-24 March, 2006

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of Béla Bartók's birth the Institute
for Musicology in Budapest will hold an international conference in March
2006. The main purpose of the conference is to reexamine Bartók's place
and significance in the history of 20th-century music. We invite free
papers and contributions to round table sessions on the influences
(musical, cultural, etc.) under which Bartók worked and on the influence
he exerted on contemporaries as well as later generations.

Bartók's tremendous scholarly work also needs to be reevaluated and we
encourage scholars to offer papers on his work as a folklorist especially
from the changing perspective of ethnomusicology and musical anthropology.
Bartók was a thoroughly musical man (Cecil Gray called him the "living
incarnation of the spirit of music"), but his work was linked to overall
cultural trends and therefore inter- or multi-disciplinary approaches to
the literary and artistic context of his music are also welcome. Proposed
titles in the classic research fields of biography, philology and
analysis, whenever the scholarly findings seem promisingly new and
important, will also be accepted.

Please send proposals via e-mail to László Vikárius (
until June 30, 2005. The proposal is expected to include the title of the
paper/contribution and a 200-word abstract. Proposals should be submitted
in English, French, and German, the official languages of the conference.
The selection process will be completed by August 31. Accommodation will
be provided for the participants of the conference.
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