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Re-Engaging Formalism: Bartók

Guildford, March 2006

Interested parties are invited to participate in a colloquium on Bartók at
the University of Surrey on March 27, beginning at 10.30am. Six colleagues
with particular interests in Bartók (Elliott Antokoletz, Amanda Bayley,
Julie Brown, David Cooper, Stephen Downes and Malcolm Gillies) have been
asked to address the issue of 'Re-engaging Formalism: Bartók'. The
hypothesis is that Bartók studies (outside Hungary) were largely spurred
by a formalist agenda from Babbitt in the 1950s, through Perle in the
1960s/70s, to Antokoletz and Wilson in the heyday of theory in the 1980s,
and that in the current climate, with the 'New' musicological agenda which
has operated subsequently now perhaps seeming rather 'old' but still
carrying a rich legacy, we might be seeing the return of a (repressed)
formalism, perhaps in a refreshed guise.

Intending attendees, who will have the opportunity to read position papers
in advance and to take full part in the discussion, should email at the earliest opportunity. Admission is free to

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