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CHARM Symposium 3
Transfer and the Recording as Historical Document

Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, 20-22 April 2006

Residential symposium at Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham -

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This programme is subject to change. Further abstracts will be added on
the symposium website when available.

Day 1 

Thursday 20 April 2006

2.00-3.00pm: David Breckbill (Doane College), 'Issues of documentation and
experience in re-releasing historical recordings'

3.00-3.30pm: Martha Tupinambá de Ulhôa (Universidade Federal do Estado do
Rio de Janeiro), 'What can we listen from Casa Edison's old records?'
3.30-4.00pm: Tea   
4.00-4.30pm: Per Dahl (University of Stavanger), 'Love is in the air
(ear?) Musical expression and soundscape in the recordings of Grieg's opus
5 no.3: Jeg elsker Dig / Ich liebe dich / I love thee'

4.30-5.30pm: Simon Trezise (Trinity College, Dublin), 'Emotional and
musical responses to mutating sound quality in Vaughan Williams' recording
of his Fourth Symphony'
Time tbc: Dinner  
8.30-9.30pm: Special session on comparing transfers 

Day 2 

Friday 21 April 2006

9.00-9.45am: Ted Kendall (details tbc) 

9.45-10.45am: Mark Obert-Thorn, 'Transfer fundamentals' 
10.45-11.00am: Coffee  
11.00-12.00pm: Roger Beardsley, 'Let them sing - the records will if you
allow them'

12.00-1.00pm: Ward Marston (details tbc) 
1.00-2.00pm: Lunch  
2.00-3.00pm: John McBride (University of Southampton), 'Non-contact
surface scanning systems for the retrieval and protection of archived
sound recordings'

3.00-3.30pm: Renee Timmers (CHARM, King's College London), 'Listening to
historical and modern recordings: the effects of age and recorded version
on the perception of performance'
3.30-4.00pm: Tea  
4.00-6.30pm: George Brock-Nannestad (Patent Tactics), 'Using recordings
for documenting performance - an overview of the field'
Time tbc: Dinner  
8.30-9.15pm: Rob Cowan (details tbc) 

9.15-10.00pm: Tully Potter (details tbc) 

Day 3 

Saturday 22 April 2006

9.00-10.00am: Michael H Gray (Voice of America Library and Audio
Services), 'Behind the studio door'

10.00-11.00am: Peter Adamson (University of St Andrews) and Peter Craven
(Algol Applications Ltd), 'Crackling good stuff: changing expectations'
11.00-11.30am: Coffee  
11.30-1.00pm: Final discussion 
1.00pm onwards: Lunch 

For abstracts, see the conference website.
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