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The Artist as Intellectual: The Composer Fernando Lopes-Graša, Centennial Conference

Coimbra, April 2006

Call for papers

International Conference organised by the Centro de Estudos
Interdisciplinares do SÚculo XX (CEIS 20 - Interdisciplinary Studies
Centre for the 20th Century) of Coimbra University/Research Group on Art
Styles and Intellectual Movements

Coimbra, Portugal, April 27th - 29th, 2006

The composer Fernando Lopes-Graša (1906-1994) is a figure of 20th-century
Portuguese culture that cannot go unnoticed. As a composer, a pianist, a
pedagogue, a critic and an essayist, as well as an organiser of musical
events and a researcher on traditional Portuguese music, he marked musical
activity in Portugal in a decisive manner. Fernando Lopes-Graša started
out on the premises of modernist aesthetics. The historic events of the
30s and 40s imprinted the modernist designs on a more critical social
conscience and traced a clear and very participative political position
(he was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party) in a civic plan.
Hence, Fernando Lopes-Graša shaped, in a quite unique manner, the link
between the modernist styles, the retrieval of tradition and active
political participation. Therefore, our aim is to match his personality,
work and involvement with the several national and international contexts
to which he was connected.

CEIS20 / Research Group on Art Styles and Intellectual Movements invites
researchers to take part in the Conference and proposes the following
topics for the presentations:

1. The artist as Intellectual.
2. Definitions of Modernism.
3. Acceptance of the modernist canon.
4. "Seriousness" of high art vs. cultural "industry".
5. Traditional and modern elements in 20th century art movements and
   aesthetic designs.
6. Composers of the "moderate mainstream" (Arnold Whittall) from around
   1945 to 1975, and the problem of "innovation".
7. Organisations fostered by composers from around 1945 to 1975 and their
   political relevance (periodical publications, choirs, series of
   concerts, etc).
8. Uses and meanings of traditional music, literature and sonata form in

Other topics may also be considered, as long as connected with the
composer Fernando Lopes-Graša.


The following participants have already been confirmed: Professor Jane F.
Fulcher (Indiana University), Professor Michael Walter (Institut fŘr
Musikwissenschaft, Karl Franzens Universitńt Graz), Professor Rui Vieira
Nery (Universidade de ╔vora).

Please send proposals via e-mai by no later than July 31st, 2005, to the
following e-mail address:

The proposal is expected to include the title of the paper/contribution
and a 200-word abstract The topic of each presentation must be clearly
identified. Presentations may be submitted in Portuguese, French and
English, which shall be the languages of the congress. Presentations may
not take longer than twenty (20) minutes.

The results of the paper submittal shall be posted on October 30th, 2005.


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