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Music, Poetry, and Patronage in Late Renaissance Italy: Luca Marenzio and the Madrigal
International Conference

Harvard University, Department of Music
Music Building (North Yard), Paine Hall
April 7-8, 2006


8:45: Mauro Calcagno and Lino Pertile (Harvard University), Introduction

9:00-12:30: "Music and Poetry"

9:00: Franco Piperno (University "La Sapienza," Rome, Italy), Petrarch, 
	Petrarchism, and the Italian Madrigal

9:45: James Haar (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Madrigali
	a 4, 5, et 6 voci:  Marenzio's "maniera assai differente dalla

10:30: coffee break

11:00: Giuseppe Gerbino (Columbia University), Luca Marenzio and the 
	Shepherds of the Tiber Valley

11:45: Seth Coluzzi (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), "Tirsi 
	mio, caro Tirsi": Il pastor fido and the Roman Madrigal

12:30: Lunch

2:15: Lecture. Jessie Ann Owens (Brandeis University), Thinking about Mode 
	in Marenzio's Eighth Book (1598) [see evening concert]

3:00-5:30: Round Table "Music and Patronage"

Position paper: Claudio Annibaldi (Conservatory of Music of Rome, Italy), 
	Social Markers in the Musical Market: The Patronage of Music in
	Marenzio's Age in Light of His Madrigals

Mario Biagioli (Harvard University)
Jonathan Glixon (University of Kentucky)
Arnaldo Morelli (University of L'Aquila, Italy)
Stefano Lorenzetti (Conservatory of Music of Vicenza, Italy)

8:00: CONCERT. Luca Marenzio, The Eighth Book of Madrigals for Five Voices 
	(1598). Ensemble "Blue Heron" directed by Scott Metcalfe


8:30-12:30: "Luca Marenzio, compositor moderno et vago"
Chair: Sean Gallagher (Harvard University)

8:30: Paolo Fabbri (University of Ferrara, Italy), Marenzio and the Este 

9:15: Paolo Cecchi (University of Bologna, Italy), Marentianischen Noten:
	The Dissemination and Reception of Marenzio's Madrigals in Germany

10:00: Ruth De Ford (Hunter College, City University of New York), C and 
	Cut-C in the Madrigals of Marenzio

10:45: coffee break

11:00: Etienne Darbellay (University of Geneva, Switzerland), Why Do We 
	Need a New Edition of Marenzio's Music?

11:45: Laurent Pugin (University of Geneva, Switzerland), Computer
	Software for Early Music Editions: A New Approach

The conference, organized by Mauro Calcagno (Harvard University) in collaboration with Paolo Cecchi (University of Bologna), is sponsored by the Harvard Department of Music and is made possible by the generous financial support of the Lauro De Bosis Lectureship in the History of Italian Civilization (Harvard University) and of CO.GE.L. S.p.A Civil and Industrial Constructions (Rome, Italy) Admission is free to all events. Contact: More info:
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