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Fourth Annual Conference, Society for Musicology in Ireland

Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, 5-7 May 2006

The keynote address will be presented by Professor William E. Caplin,
James McGill Professor of Music Theory at McGill University, Montreal and
President of the Society for Music Theory.

Timetable (provisional, as of March 28th)

Friday, May 5th 

1.00-2.00 Registration 

2.00-3.30 Sessions 1-3

Session 1 - Nineteenth-Century Music I: Influences and Personal Connections
Chair: Lorraine Byrne (NUI Maynooth)

.	Laura Watson (Trinity College Dublin) Dukas and Goethe: The programmatic
strategy of L'Apprenti Sorcier
.	Emer Nestor (NUI Maynooth) Hanslick and Tchaikovsky: A love divided
.	Patrick Devine (NUI Maynooth) Personal friends or public foes? A
consideration of the relationship between Antonín Dvorák and Zdenek Fibich

Session 2 - Local History: Music in Limerick
Chair: Barra Boydell (NUI Maynooth)
.	Paul Collins (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick) Psallite
Sapienter: Catholic church music in Limerick, c1860-c1960
.	Gareth Cox (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick) The
Limerick Music Association and the development of chamber music in Ireland
.	Michael Murphy (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick) Joseph
O'Mara: An Irish tenor

Session 3 - Nineteenth-Century Music II: Brahms
Chair: Wolfgang Marx (University College Dublin)
.	Brian Fahey (University College Dublin) Brahms: teleologist or defeatist?
The finale of the First Symphony
.	Patricia O'Connor (University College Dublin) Brahms, Bruckner and the
anxiety of influence
.	Nicole Grimes (Trinity College Dublin) Noch einmal zwischen absoluter
und Programmusik: Hanslick, Brahms and German national identity

3.30-4.00 Coffee/Tea

4.00-5.30 Sessions 4-6

Session 4 - Seventeenth-Century Music in England, France and Ireland
Chair: Anne Leahy (Dublin Institute of Technology)
.	Eamon Sweeney (Dublin Institute of Technology) Francesco Corbetta's La
guitarre royale dédiée au Roy de La Grande Bretagne (1671): a window on
guitar practice in seventeenth-century England and France
.	Máire Buffet (University College Dublin) French seventeenth-century
music theory in manuscript: an appraisal of MS. 3042 Paris, Bibliothèque
Nationale, Arsenal
.	Denise Neary (Canterbury Christ Church University) 'The beauty of
holiness': seventeenth-century Irish parish church music 

Session 5 - Stanford/Music and Broadcasting in Ireland 
Chair: Michael Murphy (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick)
.	Adele Commins (NUI Maynooth) 'To rhapsodise is one thing Englishmen
cannot do.' But can an Irishman? Stanford's Rhapsodies for piano
.	Ruth Stanley (Queen's University Belfast) Music and broadcasting in
Radio Éireann and BBC Northern Ireland: more in common than at variance
.	Helen Gubbins (University College Cork) Shortwaves and Acetates: Irish
traditional music in early radio 

Session 6 - Gerald Barry and Irish Opera
Chair: Hilary Bracefield (University of Ulster)
.	Mark Fitzgerald (NUI Maynooth) The cries from certain haunted cottages
in Cologne: towards The Intelligence Park
.	Padraig Meredith (University College Dublin) A contextualisation of
contemporary Irish opera
.	Sarah O'Halloran (University College Cork) Overbearing orchestra:
aspects of the relationship between singers and orchestra in Gerald Barry's
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant

5.30	Plenary Session: Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland

6.00	Society for Musicology in Ireland: Annual General Meeting 
Address by the President of the Society for Musicology in Ireland
Reception (hosted by the Department of Music, MIC) 

Dinner (various local restaurants)

Saturday, May 6th

9.00-10.30 Sessions 7-9

Session 7 - Irish Traditional Music: Source Recordings
Chair: Niall Keegan (Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of
.	Adrian Scahill (NUI Maynooth) Made at the spinning wheel: early
recordings and contemporary Irish traditional music
.	Deirdre Ní Chonghaile (University College Cork) Reverberations: Ennis,
Rodgers and Cowell on Aran's traditional music
.	Audrey O'Carroll (Open University) Blasket Islander recordings: a
cultural study

Session 8 - Eighteenth-Century Music I: Mozart
Chair: tba
.	Orla Molony (Queen's University Belfast) Mozart and Prague: Czech
musical émigrés and their influence on Mozart
.	Uri Rom (Technische Universität, Berlin) Mozart and the process of
mourning: interpreting the String Quintet in g minor K516
.	David J. Rhodes (Waterford Institute of Technology) Mozart, dance music
and the Musikalisches Würfelspiel, K516f: an exercise in arithmetic

Session 9 - Music and National Identity
Chair: Paul Everett (University College Cork)
.	Ciara Burnell (Queen's University, Belfast) Bridge's Piano Sonata and
British musical identity
.	Paul Higgins (Trinity College Dublin) English Art Song - Benjamin
Britten: the synthesis of national heritage and foreign musical practice
in his song repertory
.	John O'Flynn (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick) Theories
of Irishness and music: where do we go from here?

10.30-11.00 Coffee/Tea

11.00-1.00 Sessions 10-12

Session 10 - Perspectives on Late Romanticism
Chair: Jan Smaczny (Queen's University Belfast)
.	Fabian Huss (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick) Dyson's
'new music': the conflict of new and old in the work of a 'natural
.	David Larkin (Christ's College, Cambridge) Wagner's symphonic-dramatic
dualism seen through Strauss's eyes
.	Philip Graydon (NUI Maynooth) From the bible to the Ballets
russes: Richard Strauss's Josephs Legende (1914)
.	Laurence Le Diagon-Jacquin (Université Marc Bloch, Strasbourg) A
comparative analysis after Panofsky of Liszt's Hunnenschlacht and his
visual model by Kaulbach

Session 11 - Theoretical Perspectives on Musical Experience
Chair: John O'Flynn (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick)
.	Jane Edwards (Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University of
Limerick) Listening to our greens:  does music have to be 'good' for us?
.	Nicola Cullen (University College Dublin) Synaesthesia in musicology
.	Gwen A. Moore (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick)
Multicultural music in education: experiences and attitudes of second level
music teachers in Ireland
.	David J. Elliott (New York University) Richard Shusterman's philosophy
of music

Session 12 - Music Analysis: Forms and Structures
Chair: Gareth Cox (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick)
.	Áine Heneghan (University College Dublin) 'Not symphonic-epic, but
lyric-dramatic': musical form and the Viennese School
.	Alison Hood (NUI Maynooth) Tonal and rhythmic hidden repetition in
Chopin's Prelude Op. 28, no. 14
.	Daniel Shanahan (Trinity College Dublin) Structuralist approaches to
Debussy's music
.	Kevin O'Connell (Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin) The law of the
nearest way: polyphonic aspects of the first movement of Sibelius's Fourth

1.00-2.00 Lunch

2.00-3.30 Sessions 13-15

Session 13 - Popular Music and Film 
Chair: tba
.	Thérèse Smith (University College Dublin) Musical choices in 'Strange
Fruit': subversion in the detail
.	Louise O'Riordan (University College Cork) Flashdance: a study in
musical dictatorship
.	Cormac Newark (University of Ulster) The Phantom on film

Session 14 - Classic-Romantic: Fate-Fantasy-Form
Chair: David Rhodes (Waterford Institute of Technology)
.	Sandra Y. Doyle (University of Manchester) Let it please the
Parcæ! Beethoven's attitude to fate
.	Anne Hyland (University College Dublin) 'Idling on some Compulsive
Fantasy': Schubert's second subjects and the String Quintet in C Major,
.	Helena Marinho (Universidade de Aveiro) Sonata form in
context: J. C. Bach's keyboard works

Session 15 - Music in Nineteenth-Century Ireland
Chair: Harry White (University College Dublin)
.	Barra Boydell (NUI Maynooth) History, myth and invention: Grattan Flood
and the creation of Irish music history
.	Catherine Ferris (NUI Maynooth) The Antient Concerts Society of Dublin
(1834-1864): an examination of its repertoire

3.30-4.00 Coffee/Tea

4.00-5.30 Sessions 16-18

Session 16 - Music in Ireland: Personalities and Social Values
Chair: Kerry Houston (Conservatory of Music and Drama, Dublin Institute of
.	Maria McHale (Royal Irish Academy, Dublin) Singing and sobriety: the
temperance message in 1840s Ireland
.	Jennifer O'Connor (NUI Maynooth) Edith Oldham: Her involvement in music
in Dublin in the late nineteenth century
.	Anna M. Dore (University College Cork) The Pride of the Coombe: music
and social commentary in the work of Jimmy O'Dea 

Session 17 - Harp Music: Sources, Styles and Repertoire 
Chair: Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin (Irish World Academy of Music & Dance,
University of Limerick)
.	Peter Downey (St. Mary's University College, Belfast) On the sources of
Beethoven's Irish folksongs
.	John Cunningham (University of Leeds) William Lawes (1602-45) and the
Harpe Consort
.	Helen Lyons (University College Dublin) State of the harp: The Irish
harp in Ireland in the twenty-first century 

Session 18 - Twentieth-Century Music: Structures, Politics and Aesthetics
Chair: tba
.	Caireann Shannon (University College Dublin) Gebrauchsmusik,
Gemeinschaftsmusik and Neue Sachlichkeit: Neoclassicism in the Concerti of
Ralph Vaughan Williams
.	Martin Iddon (University College Cork) Gained in translation: words
about Cage in late 1950s Germany
.	Anne Keeley (University College Dublin) Music is not made with sounds
alone... the music aesthetics of Olivier Messiaen

5.30-6.00 Move to Clarion Hotel, Steamboat Quay 

Clarion Hotel

6.00-6.30 Recital: ConTempo String Quartet

6.30-7.30 Keynote Address 
William E. Caplin, James McGill Professor of Music Theory, McGill
University, Montreal
President of the Society for Music Theory
Introduction: President of the Society for Musicology in Ireland

8.00 Conference Dinner

Sunday May 7th

9.30-11.00 Sessions 19-21

Session 19 - Liturgy and Chant
Chair: Oscar Mascarenas (Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University
of Limerick)
.	Frank Lawrence (University College Dublin) Dijon, Bec and Munster: on
the provenance of an Irish Gradual
.	Anne Mannion (Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University of
Limerick) Fleury, Exeter and the musical practice of post-Conquest secular

Session 20 - Music and Performance
Chair:  tba
.	Melanie L. Marshall (University College Cork) Sprezzatura, hierarchy and
musical eroticism
.	Marissa D. Silverman (New York University) Teaching music performance
and interpretation: applying results from a narrative-biographical study 
.	Mine Dogantan-Dack (Middlesex University) From performance to theory

Session 21 - Nineteenth-Century Music III: Aesthetics and Analysis
Chair: tba
.	Aisling Kenny (NUI Maynooth) Josephine Lang and the Romantic song
aesthetic: a glimpse at the Heine Lieder
.	Anastasia Belina (University of Leeds) Wagnerian influences in Taneyev's
.	Michaela Rejack (Ohio State University) Angelika Elias: an introduction
through Schenkerian Analysis

11.00-11.30 Coffee/Tea

11.30-1.00 Sessions 22-25

Session 22 - Music, Ethnicity and Identity
Chair: Aileen Dillane (University College Cork)
.	Hilary Bracefield (University of Ulster) 'We don't care what you are
doing': questions of relationships and nationhood in serious music in
Australia and New Zealand
.	David Kearney (University College Cork) Crossing the River: exploring
the geography of Irish traditional music
.	Rhoda Dullea (University College Cork) Zoltán Kodály and the 'Gypsy
Question' in Hungarian Music

Session 23 - Perceptions: Music, Sound and Digital Culture
Chair:  tba
.	Derek Cremin (University College Cork) 'Why do I have to save it? It's
already on the Web': an era of disposable data
.	Barbara Dignam (NUI Maynooth) Schaefferian Theory: the experience,
perception and classification of sound
.	María Escribano (Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University of
Limerick) Encountering the unexpected: exploring perceptions of Basque
Txalaparta in Ireland

Session 24 - Eighteenth-Century Music II: Part Books and Odes 
Chair: Paul Collins (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick)
.	Kerry Houston (Conservatory of Music and Drama, Dublin Institute of
Technology) Mercer's Hospital part books: a window on eighteenth-century
music making in Dublin
.	Estelle Murphy (University College Cork) Supply and Command: the
fortunes of John Eccles 1700.1716

1.30	Excursion (optional) to West Clare with lunch en route returning
for 19.55 Dublin train (arr. Dublin 22.11)

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