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University of London Royal Holloway,
University of London

Second International Conference for Digital Technologies and Performance Arts

School of Intermedia and Performance Arts
Faculty of Arts, University Centre, Doncaster College
June 26, 27, 28, 2006

Following the success of the 1st International Conference for Digital
Technologies and Performance Arts, the School of Intermedia and
Performance Arts at Doncaster College announces DTPA 2006. This
interdisciplinary conference provides a forum for those in the field of
theatre, dance, music and performance (researchers, practitioners,
educators, systems developers) for a dynamic and exciting exchange of
approaches surrounding the use of new media technologies in live
2006 Presenters/Performances Include:
Steve Dixon, Brunel University, UK ­ Keynote Speaker
John Mitchell, Arizona State University, USA ­ LAND (performance)
Dr. Sita Popat, University of Leeds, UK - Dancing Sprites and Digitized
Spaces: A Collaborative Project in Digital Performance

Frisk and Stefan Ostersjo, Malmo Academy of Music, Sweden - Negotiating the
musical work: Computer-performer interaction in Relation to
Composer-Performer Interaction.
Kevin Brown, University of Colorado, USA - The Auslander Test
Matt Gough, University of East Anglia, UK - Transcluded Composition;
Realizing Hyperchoreography
Nick Hunt, Rose Bruford College, UK - Pasteboard Temples and Liminal Spaces:
Using new projection technologies to illuminate modernist and postmodernist
theory in vocational undergraduate and postgraduate teaching
Samaša Al Hashimi, Middlesex University, UK - Users as Performers in Vocal
Interactive Media
William Hsu, San Francisco State University, USA - Timbre, gesture and
language in an interactive improvisation system
Kevin Purcell, Australia - The Dramaturgy of Sound Design
Julian Konczak and Russell Richards, Southampton Solent University, UK -
Mass Production (installation)
Pauline Jennings, USA - Disembodied Heads, Parts 2 and 3 (performance)
Frieder Wiess and Emily Fernandez, Germany (performance)
Laura-Anne Collins, Daniel Shorten, Kate Sicchio, University Centre
Doncaster, UK - Digital Performance Showcase
Online Booking or downloadable PDF are Available at
Dr Dave Collins
School of Intermedia & Performance Arts
Doncaster College
High Melton

Kate Sicchio   
Conference Coordinator

David Collins
Conference Director

A registration form for this conference is available at:

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