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Music and Philosophy: Emotion and Reason

June 5-7, 2006, Sibelius Academy, R Building, Chamber Music Hall, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 9, Helsinki, Finland


Monday, June 5, 2006

 10.00 Opening by Gustav Djupsjöbacka, Rector (Sibelius Academy) 
 10.15-11.45 Keynote by Stephen Davies (University of Auckland): Musical 
 11.45-12.00 Pause 
 12.00-13.00 Panel discussion (based on Musical Understandings)
 13.00-14.30 Lunch
 14.30-15.00 Elina Packalén: From Surging Oceans to Expressive Music - 
Susanne Langer's Thoughts about Logical Forms and Their Symbolic Function 
in Music
 15.00-15.30 Erkki Huovinen: Direct Perception of Emotions in Music?
 15.30-16.00 Pause
 16.00-16.30 Lauri Suurpää: Emotion and Structure in Vocal Music. 
Schubert's "Frühlingstraum" (Winterreise) 
 16.30-17.00 Anne Sivuoja-Gunaratnam: Voice and Philosophy. Variations on 
Adriana Cavarero's themes

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

 10.15-11.45 Keynote by Estelle Jorgensen (Indiana University, Jacobs 
School of Music): Seeing Double: A Comparative Approach to Music Education 
 11.45-12.00 Pause 
 12.00-13.00 Panel discussion (based on Seeing Double: A Comparative 
Approach to Music Education) 
 13.00-14.30 Lunch
 14.30-15.00 Marja Heimonen: Emotionally and with Reason: Searching for 
Ethical Dimensions in Performer-Teacher Education
 15.00-16.00 Annikka Konttori-Gustafsson & Marja Vuori: Opening Up Musical 
Performance Through Dialogue 
 16.00-16.15 Pause
 16.15-17.00 Lauri Väkevä & Heidi Westerlund: What can today's music 
educator expect from a philosophy of music education? A Deweyan vantage 
point of the meaning and justification of music in education
 19.00 Concert by Terhi Jääskeläinen, piano & Kamus quartet (Sibelius 
Academy, Chamber Music Hall)

Wednesday, June 7, 2006 
 10.00-11.00 Keynote by Eero Tarasti (University of Helsinki): Existential 
and Transcendental Analysis of Music 
 11.00-11.30 Pause
 11.30-12.00 Jarmo Kuitunen: Are All Musics Equal?  
 12.00-12.30 Juha Torvinen: Emancipative Destruction of the Technological 
Human: Interpretation of the Ritual of Guitar Smashing
 12.30-13.00 Matti Huttunen: Aspects of Emotion and Reason in the 
Philosophies of Bloch and Adorno
 13.00 Final Discussion and Closing of the Symposium

Program & Abstracts:

Organiser: Project Conceptual Foundations of Music
The Symposium is open for all. Welcome!
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