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Grounding Moves: Landscapes for Dance

Twenty-Ninth Annual Conference, Society of Dance History Scholars
The Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 15-18 June 2006

The Society of Dance History Scholars invites submissions for its
twenty-ninth annual conference, hosted by the Banff Centre for the Arts in
Alberta, Canada, a unique centre known for its dedication to the arts and
to creative process, and for its breathtaking location in the heart of the
Rocky Mountains.

In recognition of this stunning site and the vibrant role the Banff Centre
has played in Canada for decades, the 2006 conference will engage with
dance projects fostered in this location. These include the unique and
internationally-renowned "Aboriginal Dance Project," inaugurated in 1996;
the many cutting edge media and visual arts programs of the Banff New
Media Institute, which include numerous projects that integrate dance and
technology; and the Centre's renowned ballet program, which has trained
dancers in Canada since the 1940s.  The program committee hopes to
stimulate proposals that will look at Aboriginal dance, dance and new
media, ballet training, and issues of state and institutional support that
may be raised by the success of the Banff Centre itself.

Although the conference proposes and promotes this focus on the Banff
Centre, we welcome proposals outside that realm.  The conference is open
to any new research in dance studies, and we imagine that the issues
raised will be applicable to dance practices, institutional structures and
histories in locations the world over.

Questions include:
*What is dance's relation to institutional structures? 
*How do issues of self-determination, ownership, state control,
intellectual and artistic property, sovereignty, and of European-imposed
definitions about these, intersect with the histories of institutional
*How have -- and haven't -- Aboriginal dance practices flourished in
relation to these structures and in the face of institutional constraints?
*What is ballet's relationship to institutional structures, such as those
provided by governments or schools (universities, conservatories, arts
centers, neighborhood studios); by cities (New York, Winnipeg, Seoul,
Beijing...); and by ideologies of, for example, gender, nationalism and
*What possibilities do the realms of new media hold in addressing these
histories and issues?  In contributing to the extension and evolution of
dance practice and performance?
*How does dance ground practitioners across geographic, institutional, and
ideological divides?  Submissions encouraged for individual papers and
panels, as well as for roundtable discussions, movement workshops,
lecture-demonstrations, collaborative presentations, and other formats
that will enable the active engagement of conference participants. More
info on the Banff Centre can be found at:
Submission guidelines and forms can be found at

Submissions should be emailed or postmarked by November 15, 2005.  
If submitting by email, please download form and send to
If submitting by mail, please send six copies of the proposal along with the 
submission form to: 
Jacqueline Shea Murphy
Department of Dance
University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA 92521

Queries may be addressed by email to: No submissions
accepted by fax.

Other members of the committee include: Susan C. Cook (School of Music,
University of Wisconsin, Madison); Susan Kozel (School of Interactive Arts
and Technology, Simon Fraser University); Allana Lindgren (SSHRC
Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Victoria); Jens Richard Giersdorf
(Department of Dance Studies, University of Surrey); and Nadine
George-Graves (Department of Theatre and Dance, University of California,
San Diego).

Jim Ranieri
Account Manager
Society of Dance History Scholars
3416 Primm Lane
Birmingham, AL 35216, USA

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