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Staging the Feminine: The Arts of the Prima Donna, 1720-1920
Network Symposium

School of Music, University of Leeds, 14-16 July 2006

Call for Participants

Although participation in the symposium is by invitation, a number of
places have been made available for interested scholars by application. If
you would like to attend, please send a curriculum vitae, with details of
your diva-related research interests and publications (as appropriate),
and an outline of what you would like to contribute to the symposium.
Postgraduate students (and US graduate students) are particularly
encouraged to apply. Applications should be sent electronically to and, to arrive no later
than 31 March 2006. Applicants will be notified of the result by 7 April.

This event, Staging the Feminine: The Arts of the Prima Donna, 1720-1920,
will assemble a group of scholars from Great Britain, Europe and North
America whose scholarship focuses on issues concerning divas and the
myriad cultures in which they circulate. The format for this symposium is
distinct from the paper presentation / Q&A sessions that are typical of
most conferences. The event will consist of five round-table sessions in
which panelists and audience members participate in discussions focusing
on varied topics concerning the present state of research on the diva and
diva culture. For each session, we envisage four panelists will deliver
short, ten-minute position papers geared toward generating conversation
among all participants at the symposium. Panelists will offer some work in
progress, or will perhaps take a more theoretical approach, opening the
floor to questions and concerns relevant to work on divas and diva
culture. We hope to achieve two important goals from these sessions:
first, to create and nurture the community of scholars conducting research
on singers, both within and outside the discipline of musicology; and
second, to establish a plan for a larger conference (of the more typical
format) to occur in the summer or fall of 2007.

The following ideas and sub-themes will underpin the round-table

* Approaches and methodology 
* Research questions/sources 
* Performance practice and creative agency 
* Technology and its impact on the diva.s voice 
* Biographical and journalistic reception 
* Career patterns and management 
* Commodification and commercialization of the diva 
* The diva in literature 
* Iconography of the diva 
* The diva beyond the Western classical music tradition 

To date, the following speakers will be participating in the symposium: 

Dr Suzanne Aspden, University of Oxford UK 
Professor Joy Calico, Vanderbilt University US 
Professor Alessandra Campana, Tufts University US 
Professor Susan C. Cook, University of Wisconsin Madison US 
Dr Rachel Cowgill, University of Leeds UK 
Professor Francesco Izzo, East Carolina University US 
Professor Jeongwon Joe, University of Cincinnati US 
Dr Berta Joncus, University of Oxford UK 
Professor Roberta Montemorra Marvin, University of Iowa US 
Professor Hilary Poriss, University of Cincinnati US 
Dr Susan Rutherford, University of Manchester UK 
Professor Phyllis Weliver, Wilkes University US 
We hope to post a complete set of contributors, topics, and a preliminary
schedule at the beginning of April 2006. 

Symposium convenors: 

Dr Rachel Cowgill, University of Leeds (School of Music and Centre for
Interdisciplinary Gender Studies) (tel. +44 (0)113 343 2532) 

Professor Hilary Poriss, University of Cincinnati (tel. +1-(513) 961-2499)

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