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International Society for Music Education, World Conference

Kuala Lumpur, 16-21 July 2006

DEADLINE for Calls for Presentations: 1 NOVEMBER 2005

We invite you to participate at the ISME World Conference 16-21 July
2006 by submitting a proposal to present.

ISME 2006 will be having special strands throughout the week. These
will include a large portion of excellent presentations in the areas
which interest you most! See more information at the end of this


1. Paper (spoken): abstract only - IF it is not required to be

2. Paper (full): abstract and full paper - if you wish your
   presentation to be considered for publication

3. Poster/Workshop/Demonstration: abstract only.

4. Symposia: send in a detailed proposal (250-400 word description),
   names and details of all participants, including discussants,
   description of the format, including time-table and each
   participants role as well as structured abstracts for each
   participant's presentation (250-400 words each).
   Symposium convenors are asked to co-ordinate submission of papers
   including an abstract for the entire symposium and the set of
   speakers proposed.

SYMPOSIA consist of a set of integrated spoken papers related to a


ISME is willing to supply letters of support to sponsors, however ISME
is unable to assist with funds to attend the World Conference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Note: It is a requirement to be an individual ISME member at the time
of acceptance of submissions and at the time of presenting.

STRANDS in YOUR interest area:

As ISME advocates diversity, it is important that we get submissions
for all strands from all regions around the world.

There are 20 strands, so in theory, there could be 10 strands running
in the morning and 10 strands running in the afternoon - so each
strand would have a half day for 4 days - so the plan is to offer 4
half days for each strand. The other half of the day you would be able
to attend other kinds of sessions on other strands/topics, to broaden
their experience.

Below is a list of key words sorted into strands - on the website you
only need to select ONE key word - simply choose the key word that
most fits your presentation..

1. Academic: including research in/on music 
methodologies/historical research/learning theories

2. Community Music/non-formal music 
music/folk music/traditional 
and other disciplines

3. Early Childhood/Music for young children

4. Education of the Professional 
Musician/Specialized/professional music 
training/curriculum and
performance education/Early Music

5. Music organizations and societies/Music in 
cultural, educational, mass media 
and music policy issues/curriculum/arts education/curriculum development

6. Music in Schools/Pedagogical methods and 
teaching strategies/Formal class instruction
and training in music/Teacher 
Training/classroom/comparative music 

7. Specialized therapeutic music usage/Special Education/Music Medicine

8. Instrumental Pedagogy/Studio + Suzuki + Yamaha 
Schools/Vocal Pedagogy/Piano Pedagogy

9. Jazz Education/jazz improvisation

10. Kodály/classroom singing/folk songs in the 
classroom/singing songs of other cultures

11. Band Pedagogy/band directing

12. Choral Pedagogy/choral conducting/opera/musical theatre

13. Orchestral Pedagogy/conducting/arranging orchestral scores

14. Orff Schulwerk/percussion in the classroom/tuned and un-tuned percussion

15. Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology of music 
education/Ethics/Spiritual/Religious music/Advocacy

16. Popular Music/Youth Culture/music industry/music marketing/music
business/arts administration

17. Composition (children's composition, classroom

18. Dalcroze/Eurhythmics/Rhythmics/Kinesthesia/movement/dance

19. Technology/studio production/software development/stage craft, etc.

20. ISME matters

ISME International Office

International Society for Music Education (ISME)
PO Box 909
Western Australia

web site: 

Tel: 61+8+9386 2654
Fax: 61+8+9386 2658

XXVII (27th) ISME World Conference 16-21 July, 2006: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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