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International Conference on Music and Consciousness

University of Sheffield, UK, 17th - 19th July 2006

A conference jointly organised by The University of Sheffield Department
of Music and The University of Newcastle's International Centre for Music

Sponsored by the Society for Music Analysis (SMA) and the European Society
for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM).

Aims of the Conference 

The last 10 years or so have seen the emergence of consciousness studies
as a multi-disciplinary field of inquiry, partly driven by rapid
developments in the neurosciences, but also stimulated by renewed interest
within philosophy and the arts and humanities more generally. There is a
long history of thought about the relationship between music and
consciousness, and this conference is intended as a forum to bring
together the diverse fields within which that thinking has gone on. The
aim of the conference is therefore to approach the subject in as broad and
inclusive a manner as possible, to provide an opportunity to discover
different ways in which the relationship has been theorised and described,
and to propose some of the ways in which future research and practice
might develop. The conference will consist entirely of plenary sessions so
as to enable the most inclusive and wide-ranging participation, and
significant amounts of time will be allocated for discussion.

The accepted papers and posters have been organized into five broad
themes: Phenomenological Approaches; Music and Altered States; Cultural
Case Studies; Cognitive and Empirical Perspectives; and Practice-Based
Enquiries. The order of papers at the conference will follow this sequence
(download the full provisional programme from the box to the right). There
will also be two keynote presentations, one being given by Professor Larry
Parsons (Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of
Sheffield), the other still to be confirmed. Two plenary discussion
sessions are built into the conference programme, as well as time for
responses after each paper.

The schedule below is subject to possible changes.


International Conference on Music and Consciousness

17th - 19th July 2006, University of Sheffield, UK

A conference jointly organised by The University of Sheffield Department
of Music and The University of Newcastle.s International Centre for Music
Studies. Sponsored by the Society for Music Analysis (SMA) and the
European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM).

Monday July 17th

From 11.00	Arrival and registration at Tapton Hall of Residence

13.00-14.00 	Lunch

14.00 		Eric Clarke (University of Sheffield)
	Welcome, and introduction to the themes of the conference.

Session 1:	Phenomenological Approaches

14.30		Paper 1: Ian Biddle and Lars Iyer (University of Newcastle)
	"What it feels like for a phenomenologist"

15.00		Paper 2: Eugene Montague (University of Central Florida)
	"The hard problems of consciousness and music"

15.30		Tea

16.00		Paper 3: Jim Laukes (University of Arizona)
	"Music, empathy, qualia"

16.30		Paper 4: Paul Attinello (University of Newcastle)
	"The universe will tell you what it needs: Being, Time and

17.30-18.30	Reception

18.30		Keynote Paper: Larry Parsons (University of Sheffield)
	"Music, Consciousness, Neuroscience"

19.30 Dinner

Tuesday July 18th

Session 2:	Music and Altered States

09.00		Paper 5: J÷rg Fachner (University of Witten/Herdecke)
	"Music and drug induced altered states - an overview"

09.30		Paper 6: Csaba Szabˇ (Debrecen University)
	"The effect of monotonous drumming, loudness and rhythm on
	subjective experiences"

10.00		Paper 7: Charles Tebbs (Lancaster University)
	"Music and altered states: fresh perspectives from South America"

10.30 Coffee

Session 3:	Cultural Case Studies

11.00		Paper 8: Richard Elliott (University of Newcastle)
	"Public consciousness, political conscience and trauma in two
	Latin American songs"

11.30		Paper 9: Tara Kini (Srishti School of Art, Design and
		Technology, Bangalore)
	"An exploration of the link between Music and Consciousness in the
	Nom Tom Alap of Dhrupad singing in the North Indian Classical
	Music Tradition"

12.00		Paper 10: Jeffrey Kurtzman (University of Washington,
		St. Louis):
	"Conscious and Unconscious in Striggio's and Monteverdi's Orfeo"

12.30		Lunch

13.30-15.00 	Posters

		Rob Keller (Louisiana State University)
	"Popular music and the state of consciousness"

		Alicia Pe˝alba (University of Valladolid)
	"Proprioception as a way of consciousness in embodied cognition
	experience of music"

		Ilias Chrissochoidis (Stanford University)
	"Cyril Scott's musical Platonism"

		Vanessa Hawes (University of East Anglia)
	"Decentred consciousness: decentred music"

		Mine Dogantan-Dack (Middlesex University)
	"Performance practice and political consciousness"

		Ruth Herbert (University of Sheffield)
	"Range of consciousness within the music listening experience"

		Carla Coletti (University of Iowa)
	"Behind and beyond: threads of meaning in Poulenc's Tel jour telle

Session 4: 	Cognitive and Empirical Perspectives

15.00		Paper 11: Rolf Inge God°y (University of Oslo)
	"Gestural-sonorous awareness in musical imagery"

15.30		Paper 12: Meurig Beynon (University of Warwick)
	"Dissolving dualities in mind, music and mechanism"

16.00		Tea

16.30		Paper 13: Richard Parncutt (University of Graz)
	"Prenatal 'consciousness' and the origins of music"

17.15-18.15	Plenary discussion, introduced by John Sloboda (University of

19.30		Dinner

Wednesday July 19th

Session 5:	Musical Consciousness in Practice

09.30		Paper 14: Dorothy Ker (University of Sheffield)
	"Composing at the edges"

10.00		Paper 15: Anthony Gritten (Royal Northern College of Music)
	"Conscious of what? A case study in the performer's relationship
	with her actions"

10.30		Paper 16: Michael Gallope (New York University)
	"Performance, ontology, technology"

11.00		Coffee

11.30		Paper 17: Bennett Hogg (University of Newcastle)
	"'A pretentious word serving as a substitute for work': free
	improvisation as a negotiation of conceptualisations of
	consciousness beyong the dualism of mind and body"

12.00		Paper 18: Peter Cudmore (University of Edinburgh)
	"tant˘t recherchÚ, tant˘t libre: improvisation and anaphoric
	intuition in the creative process"

12.30 Lunch

Session 6:	Issues and future directions in music and consciousness

14.00		Plenary discussion, introduced by David Clarke (University
		of Newcastle).

15.30 Tea and close of conference

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